Victor Perez didn’t watch the Ryder Cup much

Victor Perez Photo by Luke Walker/Getty Images

Victor Perez returned to the French Golf Federation (FFG) in his absence from the European Ryder Cup squad to defend his title he won at the Dunhill Lynx Championship 2019 in Scotland this week. A contest that the French have hardly followed on television…

Best French in the world ranking (52nd in the ranking as of September 26, 2021), Victor Perez His title defense since Thursday – currently his only win on the European Tour – was won in 2019 Dunhill Lynx Championship.

For French Golf Federation (FFG), Tarbais domiciled in Dundee, very close to these famous Scottish links (St Andrews, Carnoustie…), agreed to reconsider their absence within the European team. Ryder Cup, got beaten up badly last weekend Whistle Strait (19-9).

« I mainly played in the biggest tournaments, especially the Majors, and QWhen we face the best in the world week after week and we lose a little bit of confidence, it is not in these tournaments that we can easily gain confidence. I got a little caught up in wanting to keep a fairly light schedule, as there were so many huge deadlines, but finding the right balance is never easy. »

lack of will

At the 43rd Ryder Cup in history, 29-year-old Victor Perez admitted he hadn’t really seen it. ” It didn’t go well for the Europeans from the start, and it didn’t inspire you to look at the players I spent a lot of time with in difficulty playing well, but against a team. The American that was actually on fire. »

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And when asked if his main goal is now set for the next edition in Italy in 2023, he replied: ” It’s good moves, good points and good results that will move things in the right direction for me. We can imagine all the scenarios in advance, but the truth is that we have to play well every day to resume our progress. As always, I try to focus on it. »

Photo: Luke Walker/Getty Images


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