Video. 5 facts about the euro that go beyond football

  Video.  5 facts about the euro that go beyond football

Ukraine: the jersey of discord

Before the competition, Ukraine offered UEFA a jersey: a map of Ukraine with Crimea on it and with slogans such as “Glory to Ukraine” and “Glory to our Heroes”, referring to the Ukrainian Revolution of 2014. The map remains a problem on the Russian side because the country believes Crimea belongs to it, especially since the referendum voted. However, for Ukraine and the United Nations, the reality is different. This regional conflict has been going on since 2014: UEFA has banned any matches between Ukraine and Russia between clubs or national sports teams. FC Geopolitics founder Kevin Vessiere on Twitter does not rule out the possibility of a match between the two countries in case they qualify for the final stage. “UEFA will be a bit forced to admit that the match takes place“, he specifies.

Visibility to Azerbaijan

In recent years, Azerbaijan has been implementing a policy to organize major international events, including the Euro, a way for the state “Change your image and promote your field“It’s going to be known as”a dictatorial regime“and related”use of fossil fuelsAdd to this the desire to develop tourism and thus a new source of economy for the country.

An entire stadium in Hungary

Hungary is the country where the stadium allows the most supporters. A fact that Kevin Vesierre deserves”political instrumentation“.”This is because Viktor Orban believes his vaccine policy with respect to COVID is the best in Europe“, he says. If the figures related to the epidemic do not go in this direction, then politicians want, in this way, to show that their field”it is going well“that is his country”Fort“And finally there is their political regime”skilled“. Elements that are often questioned by its other European partners.”Matches against his political opponents, France and Germany, may have had political repercussions or lead to a political resurgence from Orbán to show that Hungary, for example, could be stronger than France.“, develops Kevin Vessiere.

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North Macedonia: Making a name for yourself

North Macedonia, also known as “the little thumb of this Euro” by Kevin Vesire, is playing its first football Euro. The country officially exists as “North Macedonia” since 2018, although its independence was declared in 1991. In fact, there has always been a conflict with Greece over the name. “It is a way for the Euro country to show its flag, to show that its team exists and is present in the eyes of Europe.“, admits Kevin Vesier.

Scotland-England in the backdrop of Brexita

It will not be a match like any other England-Scotland match, as there is a historical rivalry but it is also a sports derby.“There is also the issue of Brexit that will come up during this match,” explains Kevin Vessiere:Since the United Kingdom has left the European Union, Scotland feels sad about this exit and therefore wants to return to the EU and become independent again.

Football and rugby are two sports in Scotland where national sentiment is important: they have their own flag and can express their nationalism. “It will be the best of all competitions to show to all spectators that Scotland is a true nation and that it can be free from the tutelage of the UK”, concluded Kevin Vesier.


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