Virat Kohli – ‘Yuzvendra Chahal was the one who changed the game’

Virat Kohli - 'Yuzvendra Chahal was the one who changed the game'

Royal Challengers Bangalore captain Virat Kohli counted the final over of Yuzvendra Chahal, where the match led him to a 10-run victory over Sunrisers Hyderabad in his IPL 2020 opener.

Sunrisers scored 121 for 2, which Johnny Bairstow needed for 43 off 30 balls to win, but Chahal took two wickets in the 16th over – including Bairstow – to turn the match around. Earlier, Chahal also got Manish Pandey to complete a 71-run partnership for the second wicket and won the Man of the Match award for 3 for 18 in four overs.

“We have our composer tonight,” Kohli said Constellation, Host broadcaster. “I think five years when they needed 43, there was a chat in the middle that ‘no shoulder comes down until the last run is scored. The game can change at any time.’ And Yuzi comes in, the strike bowler that he is for us, and he completely changes the game in the over.

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Kohli added at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium that not many other spinners were off the pitch, but tonight he showed that if you have skill in the wrist you can buy on any band. “That’s why he bowls well in Bangalore too. There was a big factor in the fog tonight, the pitch in the second half was worth batting, I thought – a lot better than the first half. Got the spin ball and bowled the offensive lines. I think he was the one who changed the game. “

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Chahal had a different plan for each of the three wickets he had, and it all worked. “I had the cover fielder back when I bowled Pandey, so he thought I’d bowl outside the firststump.” Chahal explained. “But that ball, I threw the ball on the stumps.

“For Bairstow, I knew he needed a wicket to get back into the game, even if I went for a run. That’s why I threw him a little full ball, but a little ball, because it’s very hard to hit. Is and when Vijay (Shankar) came Virat Brother And Mr. Abby (de Villiers), we decided I would googly the first ball. “

Kohli said the Sunrisers also grew well for the season when the equation was not in their favor.

“In the past if we had 43 out of five, you would probably see the shoulders coming down. The fact that we didn’t let the negativity there get into the b sex group, when there was also dew and it was hard to bowl, people kept believing and Bowling kept speaking in the field of attacking. Someone like Shivam (Dub) coming in and bowling in three proper overs was a rude signal to us: coming and working part-timer means that people want opportunity, they want to be in a pressure situation. It’s the kind of mindset we want to live in. “

The Royal Challengers were built on the half-centuries of total newcomers Devdutt Padikal and Abby de Villiers, and de Villiers admitted to having doubts about his form in the game without playing competitive cricket for months.

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“I am amazed at how honest I am,” he said of1 off 300 balls. As a 36-year-old coming here, without playing much cricket, you doubt yourself. But we worked really hard four weeks as a team and personally to somehow get myself in shape. Tonight was a very enjoyable start. Unfortunately in the end there was a runout but I am very happy with the basics that seem to be in place. “


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