Volleyball Bundesliga: Stuttgart volleyball players start new season inspired

Volleyball Bundesliga: Stuttgart volleyball players start new season inspired

Status: 10/27/2022 7:41 pm

The Allianz MTV Stuttgart volleyball team won the double last season. Now they are starting the new season and want to attack again without much pressure.

Last season could not have been better for the Stuttgart volleyball players. with championship And this win the dvv cup He crowned a strong season with two titles. The volleyball players are about to start the new Bundesliga season. Of course the expectations are high, but those in charge want to take the pressure off the team first.

Volleyball players from Allianz MTV Stuttgart celebrate the German Championships in 2022.

Great inspiration for next season

The hunger for success among Stuttgart volleyball players is never fully satisfied. “Motivation is still high ahead of the first Bundesliga game. It won’t be a problem,” says head coach Tore Alexandersson ahead of the home game against VfB Suhl on Friday evening (7pm).

Sporting director Kim Oszwald-Renkema is also heading into the new season with ambition, but he does not want to put too much pressure on his team. The 35-year-old says, “It would be wrong to tell the team that you have to win every title every year to have a good season.” “It is not realistic in volleyball. Fortunately we do not have a situation like football, where FC Bayern Munich is always ahead.” Nevertheless, the Swabians want to play at the forefront. Renkema said, “Of course we want to attack for a title again and possibly win one.”

Multiple joints bring a breath of fresh air

As in the previous season, a lot has happened in the squad of the Bundesliga club. And although some players, such as national player Marie Scholzel, were able to join the team later because of their World Cup performances, coach Torey Alexandersson is satisfied with the preparation. “Of course we still need some time, this kind of thing always takes time. But we are on the right track and we have strengthened ourselves a lot,” summed up the Norwegian.

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Another new addition to Marie Scholzel is Britt Bongaarts. The Dutch international joins Necker from Italian club Bartosini Fortinifici Perugia and brings with him a wealth of experience. Along with Hannah Kohn and her national team colleague Eline Timmermann, the 25-year-old new setter makes the team. “I want to be successful here in Stuttgart and win titles,” says Bongaarts.

Britt Bongaarts in the shirt of his former club Bartosini Fortinifici Perugia.

In the first game of the season, an unpleasant opponent awaits you

The first match of the season has to be played before the title is won. The same Swabians are going to play against VfB Suhl (Friday, 7 PM). “I still expect Suhl to be very strong. It is always very unpleasant to play against Suhl,” says coach Alexandersson of MTV. And yet “of course we want to start the season with a win,” continued Alexandersson. And newcomer Bongaarts is also hoping for a successful start: “Of course, a win at the start is incredibly good and can be important for the whole season.”


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