Wales-France moved to England?

Wales-France moved to England?

Wales plans to play three of its home games of the VI Nations tournament – including against France on 11 March – in England to allow the public to participate, as Welsh officials prepare to fight against Covid-19. A closed door has been announced.

The Welsh Rugby Federation (WRU) is considering a parade to avoid playing its three home matches of the VI Nations tournament without spectators. The country’s authorities have in fact decided that sports matches should be played behind closed doors. To limit the large economic loss of this decision, the WRU is considering moving the matches to England, according to daily mail,

The Welsh has already hosted the matches of the previous Ottoman Cup in front of a limited audience. But Prime Minister Mark Drakeford has announced the closure of stadiums to the public during the Christmas holidays in the wake of the rising number of coronavirus infections.

Discussion with Tottenham Stadium

The leaders have reportedly targeted Tottenham Stadium as a venue for their three meetings against Scotland (February 12), France (March 11) and Italy (March 19). Talks have started between the two sides. Wembley, which hosts matches for the England football team, has refused to lend its enclosure due to the scheduling of the Three Lions’ meetings during the international holiday in March.

In the last VI Nations tournament the WRU had estimated losses of around €17 million for playing their matches behind closed doors. A scenario that the executive director, Steve Phillips, doesn’t want to live with at all. There is no gauge installed in stadiums in England. Spectators must provide proof of vaccination or test negative in order to participate in matches.

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Nothing has been finalized yet, especially as the Wales meetings sometimes overlap the Tottenham meetings. For example, Spurs should play a match against Wolverhampton on 13 January, the day after the poster between Leakes and XV of Scotland.


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