Watford confirms that Luis Suarez has joined Grenada

Watford confirms that Luis Suarez has joined Grenada

Watford have confirmed that striker Luis Suarez has joined Grenada for their so-called deal, saying it would cost more than £ 10 million.

Watford ser bjerver understands that payments could reach 13 million, but they will stop in the next two to three years.

It is also believed that a fee has been agreed to be sold which Watford will see as a percentage of any profit on the player if it is sold in the next five years.

Suarez spent last season on loan with Real Zaragoza where he scored 19 goals in 38 games and was recalled in the summer, with the Hornets wanting to make him a key member of their squad.

However, the striker does not want to stay on Vicarage Road and has returned to the club where he spent the 2016-17 season loan.

When asked about Suarez at his press conference yesterday, head coach Vladimir Ivic said the striker would not want to come with his team if he did not want to play for the club.

“He’s decided to work alone. He’s decided not to be available for sports and to be honest, I don’t want any player working with me who doesn’t want to play.”

“It’s not like for some players who have injuries and come back to work with us in the long run, it’s not the same situation as these types of players.

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“He’s a player who doesn’t want to play this game. I want to work with the boys who want to come here. As I’ve said many times, we have a group of players who want to be here and who want to. To play every day. This is my goal, this is the goal of this club, this is the goal of the fans and for everyone, I don’t want anyone to want to be here. ”

Suarez traveled to Sweden with Granada earlier this week where he saw the La Liga club beat Malm હ 3-1 last night.


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