WC 2022 – Qualification – FF’s elite team after the 3rd day of qualification for the 2022 World Cup

WC 2022 - Qualification - FF's elite team after the 3rd day of qualification for the 2022 World Cup

CM 2022 – Qualification

Based on the matches played here on Tuesday and Wednesday, we have a specific team for the third day of the 2022 World Cup qualifier in the Europe zone. The eleven thus formed revolves around 3–4–3.

Take our

Sveduccas (Lithuania) – Skirinar (Slovakia), Maguire (England), Tierney (Scotland) – Pitts (Cyprus), Barresaghan (Armenia), Wenken (Belgium), Ademi (Macedonia) – Skov Olsen (Denmark), Mitrovic (Serbia) , Pandava (Macedonia).


Great service Tomas SvedkuskasProtector of Lithuania. If his team logically lost to Italy (0–2), which recorded its 25th consecutive game win without defeat, this 26-year-old goalkeeper, who plays Lommel in Belgium D2, would have won the heroic title Resisted. After a “friendly” deflection on Sensei’s goal, right after the break, after pushing back a conclusion from Chiasa, he only lost to Imobil on penalties in added time. But before that, Svedkauskas defeated the same Immobel twice, once in Locatelli, once in Immersion Pommieri, while multiplying Provisional Exits.

The defenders

Another goal for Milan Skriniar, That with the opening of the scoring in Slovakia’s win against Russia (2-1), they saved the furniture (one goal, one assist) against Malta (2-2) three days earlier. At Wembley, England thank Poland 2–1 Harry Maguire Joe, five minutes from the end of regulation time, defeated Szczesny with a good half-volley from right. Earlier, the MU defender had completely mastered an orphan opposing Lewandowski’s attack. When he came out in the 79th minute, Kiran Tierney All had already done: three assists (back pass, center, long opening) on ​​the clock in Scotland against the Faroe Islands (4–0, which would be the final score)!

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From Tuesday, Ionanis bile There is a hero from Nicosia. He is responsible for this action, where, after erasing an opponent with a right-foot hook, he smashes Oblac with a brush from the left, and scores the first success goal in the World Cup of Islands selection. Very active, he could double the wager on other occasions as well. For Tigran BarseghyanThe matches follow each other and are similar: another goal and a decisive pass to the Armenian midfielder who, after Iceland failed, 1-2 to overthrow Romania in the final time from 1-2 to 3 Helps in Suddenly, the Armenians climbed three lengths ahead of North Macedonia and Germany at the head of their group! Advantages of the business: tenure by Belarus against Roberto Martinez Hans Vanquen Worked with discipline on the cover and was driven into the offensive phase with two goals, his first pick, and an assist for Trussard in a one-sided game (8–0 for the Red Devils). Macedonia’s historic success in Germany (2–1) after an outstanding collective performance. We will still highlight the movement of the rocker Arijan Adeyemi, Dominant on the covers, inspired on the blocks, and who split a superb ball between Rudiger’s legs and served Elmas on the winning goal.


Very lively for some time, Andreas Skov Olsen The debate opened and closed during a thundering trip to Austria (4–0) in Danish, the most potent of this start to the qualifiers (14 goals). We don’t stop anymore Aleksandra Mitrovich : His double in Azerbaijan leads Serbia (2–1) to victory and Qatar bring their number of goals to five in three days on the road of 2022. He makes him the king of gunmen in the Europe region. An opportunistic goal, behind the defenders’ back, the first against Germany, Goran Pandava, The captain and soul of this Macedonia, who, after qualifying for the Euro, distinguished himself in the 2022 World Cup qualifier. The Genoa striker now points to 37 goals in 117 caps.

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