we are unbalanced by the absence

we are unbalanced by the absence

(BAFOUSSAM, Cameroon) — The Senegalese coach, who has often put forward interchangeability both collectively and especially within his workforce, acknowledged that some absences, particularly from officials, unbalanced his team. However, facing the press, on Thursday 13 January at the Tagidor Garden Center in Bangau, Aliu Sisse reaffirmed his ambition to take the Lions to the top stage of the podium in Yaounde on the evening of 6 February. So it’s time for the sub-regional derby against Guinea this Friday at 1 PM GMT. A match he considers “special”.

a special match

“It’s a derby. So a special game. From our side, we prepare it like the previous matches and the coming matches. I think what’s important today is to focus on the game, to get three points. Doing everything for us. We know this is a match that can allow us to qualify for the second round. We are focused on this match and we are preparing well for it.”

more small teams

“It’s hard to talk about the uniqueness of a meeting. In fact all matches follow each other but are not the same. We just beat Zimbabwe and you have seen how much they compete and win on the African continent. Difficult. And the results of the last few days show us once again how tough it is. Big teams don’t dominate, I say again, small teams don’t. Results are 1-0, 2-1. Cameroon only has scored 2 goals (the press conference took place before the indomitable Lions’ 4-1 win against Ethiopia, editor’s note), otherwise everything else is a heated last minute match. We have always carried this conviction in our matches. It’s a derby, but beyond that, what’s important is to focus on the game. That’s what we want to do, with football. Staying within the framework. So we’re going to watch this match with a lot of humility, a lot of confidence and a lot of ambition.”

Kaaba Diara Declaration

“Honestly, I have not read the comments of Kaaba (Diyawara). He’s someone I’ve known for 24 years. We had to live great moments as footballers. At that time we were in Paris Saint-Germain. I congratulate him for what he is doing with this Guinea team. Now, like I said, it’s still a football game. It’s a derby and it should stay within the confines of football. Guinea and Senegal are two sister nations, neighbors. So nothing at our level can excite us from what the opponent is saying. Personally, I think my relationship with Kaaba (Diyawara) goes far beyond football. So we’re going to focus on the essentials, because it’s on the pitch that it’s going to happen. It doesn’t matter what you say first. Today, he is at the top of Guinea, I at the head of the Senegalese team, we both want to qualify for the round of 16. We live in the realm of football. I heard he said there is no penalty (against Zimbabwe, editor’s comment), I’ll lend him my big specs. Maybe he’ll see better. In short, we are focusing on the essentials, making sure our players are in good health as it is necessary in this period. Afterwards, I do not pay heed to what the Kaaba (Diyawara) says.”

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unwanted health protocols

“We are facing this pandemic. I want to say that practically our big players out there are affected by this covid. Joseph said, we also selected 28 players. There are many possible compositions today. It is true that we are unbalanced because there are so many absences. But as I often say, I have 28 players who are able to make up for the absence. We’ve done a good job. The state of mind is good, there is confidence. We expect three more players to recover which are Namplis Mendy, Salio Sis and Puppy Matar Sarr. We still have Bamba Dieng left in Dakar. We hope that he will join us very soon. These are complicated times, I can’t say it enough. Health protocol, I really don’t want to talk about it, but sometimes there are things that we don’t understand. We talk about it together in our workforce. We have got very good players. Boys focused, we are all confident for this match. And, we want to approach him with an ambition to win 3 points.”

Sadio, Captain’s Armband

“Gan (Idrisa Gana Guye, editor’s note) is not there, nor is Balo Tore. We are not sure about Saliu Sis, Numpalis Mendy and Puppy Matar Sarr being able to heal. Edouard Mendy. Same thing, He is also out. Kalidou Koulibaly, we have already talked about it, but as I told you, in our group we have many options. Even if in reality this group remains very weak and unbalanced. However , I believe the boys who are there are in good shape and ready for this match with a sense of winning 3 points. I have a group in which 6 or 7 players are capable of becoming captain. I am not you Hides is not, Kulibali (Kalidou), Gan knew how to change him. After Gana (Guye), Sadio (Mane) will wear this armband in any case for the match against Guinea.

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The psychosis of a positive outcome conquers the Dane

“It’s tangled up! It’s not just Bamba (Dieng), even if he’s the one who lives. It’s too complicated for the boys. You know, yesterday we tested at 10 a.m. and I can guarantee you Am that 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., before leaving for training, there was a sort of psychosis where you wait to find out whose turn it is. Who will still be sick, who will be imprisoned. Today These are very complex situations for football. But coming to this can we know it. We try to adapt as best as possible. On a psychological level, it is important to get close to our players, discuss with them and reassure them But actually this pandemic is already stopping us from seeing each other internally. Because when the tests are done everyone tries to go a little far because we are careful of each other so as not to get contaminated Go. So it’s complicated to manage. But, we knew this can be like this. Often people think it’s only on the ground, but in reality a lot There are things, in terms of logistics, in terms of organization, that you should have. That’s not the case for us today, but we’re not complaining. We are not in victim mode. We are inspired, we want to go to the end of this contest. Despite everything that happens to us, our goals have not changed. And to do that, I think it’s tomorrow (this Friday, editor’s note) on the grounds that we have to show it.

want to beat guinea

“Personally, I am not obsessed with this game against Guinea. Even if we want to win it. Whatever has to be done, we will do it. But, I want to say that if there was Malawi, we would be in the same system, in the same option, that is, to try to win. Be it Guinea, Malawi or other upcoming teams, we want to tackle each and every match trying to get the best possible result. Then there are the realities. You know between France and Belgium, we can clearly see the rivalry that exists. Like between England and Scotland. This happens because they are border countries. If there was Guinea Bissau or Mali, this would be it. I think the rivalry has always been there. But we are brothers between Senegal and Guinea. We are African and it is African football that must be won at the end of this meeting.”

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almost empty stadium

“I believe the context is still quite special. It’s not easy to play football in an empty stadium. It’s really sad to see it have empty bleachers. On a psychological level, it’s already complicated. Again, sure. Basically, the mental aspect of this pandemic is prevention with the players, asking them to wear their masks. Discuss with people who are sick, so as not to lose them because psychologically it is not easy to stay in your club, Tell your family to stay locked in a room in a room while it says you’re fine. I was a player, I know it’s not easy. The boys crafted this can in a great way He actually left his club to play. And today, in fact, it is not. Don’t give up on Cain. In that sense, we still get there. They are told to take their troubles patiently and there’s really nothing else to do. We wouldn’t otherwise can do We hope that in any case in two or three days, we will have other good news because the bad news is attached anyway since we arrived in Cameroon.

Overconfidence of lions?

“We are not overconfident. We are quite confident now. Let me say it again, we have come here with great humility. I have been repeating the same things for almost 6 months now. We are also there with a lot of ambitions. Now, as I told you, it’s still football. Guinea wants to win like us. We respect our opponents. Be it Zimbabwe or Guinea. Now, yes really we want to win, we field to lose But let’s not go. We are aware of the quality of the Guinea team, but Senegal has its arguments too. Trust us, we don’t lack humility in this match.


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