“We won’t feel sorry for ourselves” – Steve Hartley

«On ne s’apitoiera pas sur notre sort» – Steve Hartley

Hokey The captain’s absence is felt in the midst of Voltiger. After being overturned 4–1 by the Armada on Sunday night at the Videotron Center, the residents of Drummondville received a number of setbacks in the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL) bubble.

Despite all his good wishes, the Reds have yet to apply their momentum this season against the only formation of undefined circuits. The game was played in the middle of the second period, when Blainville-Boisbriand equalized twice to score 1-1 in less than four minutes.

Charles-Antoine Dumont was injured the first time he was on the ice. (Photo Jonathan Roy / LHJMQ)

Highlighting the youth of his team compared to the maturity of Armada, Steve Hartley praised the determination of his players. “Our opponents have been more opportunistic than us. That’s the difference tonight. We made two mistakes in the second period and each time the puck ended up in our net. This is what makes the difference, ”launched Waltijers head coach in a virtual press scandal.

I am happy with the way Hartley acted. We fought from first to last minute. We had good chances to score, but without capitalizing. We gave ourselves a chance to win. Honestly, I can’t ask for better.

Playing with fire, the Voltizers gave the opponent eight power-play advantages, including a five-on-three. Despite its striking force, Armada’s power play could not take advantage of it. “The good thing is that our penalty kill was great. People blocked several shots, “Hartley observed.

Yet disenfranchised by Xavier Simonue and Isiah Campbell, the Waltigeers lost the services of Charles-Antoine Dumont in the evening, thus managing with only 10 forwards. The 18-year-old winger injured his waist in his first appearance on the ice. His absence could be counted in weeks rather than days.

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“We won’t feel sorry for ourselves,” Hartley said. Tonight, we played against a good team, but we were in the entire game. It’s boring, but we must continue. We’ll roll up our sleeves and prepare for our next game. This is an opportunity for some to play a larger role. It is up to them to take advantage of it. “

Jacob Dion. (Photo Jonathan Roy / LHJMQ)

“We have to believe in our young people,” added the Waltijers pilot. In normal times, Justin Kote did not face a trio of Lichachev and Heyman. But I am able to live with the mistakes of our young people. They work and they give us big hockey. We will learn from this match and we will be better on Tuesday. “

A speech was echoed by defender Jacob Dion. “We are missing three good players, but the strength of good teams in such situations is that other players move their game up a notch. We see more and more of it, but we need even more to fill this void. “

According to the 19-year-old veteran, it was a while before the Voltizers registered their first win in the bubble. “We haven’t played in a long time, but more and more, we’re gaining confidence. We just played our best game in our opinion. We should build on the positives.”

Enjoy this moment

At the start of his first career at QMJHL, Charles-Gra Ward Grewal shot 29 of 30 shots. From the first moments of the meeting, Lewis’s 16-year-old goalkeeper stopped Charlie da Fonseca over a breakdown.

He said, ‘This is a moment I’ve been waiting for since the season started. I’m glad I went for that first win, “commented Armada’s second-round comment in the final draft, which demonstrates the disarmament that remains in front of his net.

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“It is easy to stay calm. I have good defenders in front of me and the team is playing well defensively, which slows down the game, ”he explained.

Charles-Edward Grewal. (Photo Jonathan Roy / LHJMQ)

For his part, Bruce Richardson expressed resentment in the locker room between the first and second periods.

It had been a long time since Coach Bruce was angry. Winning the game is fine, but you don’t want to get complacent or fall into the comfort zone. Some people needed a whip. We challenged them and they responded well.

After a six-week forced break, the Bas-Laurentides team has won just four in the Quebec bubble.

“Seriously, it’s fun au discount! We are with people 24 hours a day. During the season, we go home at night. We do not have lunch together, we do not dine together and we do not dine together. There, we also play teachers during the study period. We will have fun together. We really know our players, ”said Richardson, who is assisted by Kevin Burgin in his duties.

The former professional hockey player said, “We are now privileged to be able to play hockey.” This is our passion. We take advantage of the moment. Since we entered the bubble, it is also our slogan.

Block-note …

Both teams were unable to score during the two-man power play … In the first period, William Dufour drew 1 goal to equalize 1–1… Luke Heinemann, Alexis Gendron, Yaroslav Likhev and Zachaev Roy ( In the empty net) hit the target for Armada (6-0-0-0) … In his third consecutive start in the bubble, Francesco Lapeña faced 27 shots … The first meeting took place between brothers Elliott and Nathan Lavoie. Elliott Lavoie said, “Given our three-year gap, it’s a feeling I never thought I’d live in my life” … Waltigers (3-3-1-0) now the Tigers of Victoria Preparing to face (5-2-0-0), Tuesday at 7 pm …

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