where his dream started

where his dream started

When Dennis Savard arrived at the Verdun Auditorium yesterday, he became emotional. The movie of his youth began to spin on his head. He thought of his late parents, his two brothers Andre and Luke, a trio of three men he formed in minor hockey with Dennis Tremblay and Dennis Cyr, then with Montreal Junior, and a bunch of others. . Memories.

The Dennis-Savard Annex attached to the auditorium has been renamed Espace Dennis-Savard.

Also as of yesterday, the auditorium’s rink is called Espace Scotty Bowman.

Why Space?

Because it’s trendy, explained the mayor of the borough of Verdun, Jean-François Parento.

the mayor was not wrong

Many celebrities were present to pay tribute to Bowman and Savard, who accepted the honor bestowed upon them with joy and humility.

The political world was represented by Mayor Valerie Plante, who did not slip in his speech this time, the Minister of Justice, Attorney General of Canada and members of LaSalle-Emmard-Verdun Dave Lametti, and Jean-François Parente.

The Canadians handed out Yvan Cournoir, Regine Houle and Yvan Lambert, who played under Bowman’s command.

Also there were Daniel Sauvageau, who heads the Canadian High Performance Center located in the auditorium, Pierre McGuire, a great friend of Bowman’s who had been appointed director of player development, former Canadian Normand Baron, and his father, a kind 91-year-old man. Joe was one of Savard’s first minor hockey coaches, and Dennis Tremblay, whom Savard referred to by his surname. Great during his speech.

All good people

good idea aldo

No trio has ever shaken the city so much as three Dennis, all born on February 4, 1961. It was as if they were designed to be played together.

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« Savya Tremblay told me that he was most attention-grabbing because of his dramatic style.

“But we weren’t jealous of each other. We complemented each other well. Aldo Giampaolo enforced a law of hockey by bringing together a player who was going to puck in the corners and who put himself in the net. (Tremblay), a playmaker (Saward) and a scorer (Sire).

“In Junior, we attracted 1,000 to 2,000 more spectators than average everywhere we went.”

Knowing that he would later become Celine Dion’s manager, Aldo could negotiate a rating for three of his former charges. But over time things didn’t work out that way.

The players didn’t care. All he had to do was play and he thought it better to do the job well. But they were happy on an ice rink.

everlasting memories

Savard had an innate talent. He was skating at high speed, moving in all directions. He was already a star when Verdun enthusiasts called him PTT Savard.

These things cannot be forgotten.

“That’s where my dream began,” said Savard.

“The renovation is really a huge success. The auditorium has reclaimed its brick façade. The wooden benches have been restored.

“It’s beautiful to see! It’s unbeatable. The fun comes when you can make something beautiful out of old things. People say we need to get rid of
Wrigley Field in Chicago. It doesn’t make any sense, let’s see!

“I would have liked the Blackhawks to offer Chicago Stadium ten games a year against the Canadiens, Boston, and other native teams.”

The stadium was the tallest and most feared amphitheater in the National Hockey League. Serge Savard always used to say that if a player is not motivated to play there then he should do something else in life.

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The stadium was a perfect stage for PTT Denis from Verdun. His hand was cut off in the auditorium.

scotty, story

Scotty Bowman is not only good at hockey. He taught history lessons on Verdun from the 1930s to the 1950s to the guests present at the Verdun Auditorium yesterday afternoon.

The politicians present on the spot were clearly impressed, as well as our famous columnist Gilles Proulx, himself Verdun’s son and keen on history.

Bowman’s father, Jake, who moved from Scotland to Canada, helped build the auditorium in 1939.

Sawed Convenience Store

Like Bowman the day before, Denis Savard told me about his youth in Verdun. He also has a good memory.

“Our family lived at 738, 2”I Avenue, then at 4050 Avenue Verdun. We lived on the second floor and my parents ran a convenience store downstairs. “

His parents died in his youth.

His father moved in 1981 when he was at the start of his professional career in Chicago and his mother in 1987.

who are you, you?

Savard returned to spend his summers in Verdun during all these years.

Around the same time his mother passed away, his later wife, Mona, entered his life.

He also passes through Verdun when he comes to Montreal.

“A few years ago, I recognized a woman who lived in the street we were living in,” he said.

“I told her: Hey! Mrs. Harvey! She replied: I don’t know you, you. I told her that she would recognize me after hearing my name.

“Everyone went to the sidewalk to talk to me. “

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Gone are the days when hockey players did not hide to escape from the public.


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