Why Newton called his fit with the Patriots a ‘match made in heaven’

Why Newton called his fit with the Patriots a 'match made in heaven'

FOXB OUG, MASS. – Quarterback Why Newton He described his fit with the New England Patriots as a “match made in heaven” as he prepares to lead the team in Sunday’s season opener against the Miami Dolphins.

“Honestly it’s been so overwhelming at the time that I didn’t understand it from the point of view of absolute perfection,” he said on Sports Radio WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show” on Monday morning.

“I was in Carolina, and gave the institution everything I could possibly do, and there will always be a place in my heart for Carolina. But as a professional, go where you are called to go, and that’s the best Your career. That way it will be the best for this organization. I just love myself and I love the opportunity that comes my way. “

Last week, coach Bill Belichick told the players that Newton would be the team’s starting quarterback. Newton was also voted eight captains by the players and coaches.

Before signing with the Patriots in July, Newton admitted that he did not know what to expect when it came to how he could fit in New England.

“The same questions that a lot of people want to know, and talk talk, chat, gossip, and barber-shop talk, and chatter-chatter text messages, I also wanted to know,” he said on the radio show. “Is what he says about Belichick real? Will it happen too … I didn’t know. I think, honestly, it’s been a match made in heaven for me, just knowing that I’m in a place where everything is a Pulling in the same direction and everything is ready to win.

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“Coming from someone who has won at all levels, I feel like I’m doing these things right, trusting the same people who got me to this point, and trusting the coaching, me Looks like this is something when you see an opportunity in time that can be accomplished. “

Newton added that any of his perceptions of Belichick “changed the day I talked to him.”

“You see the lineage of players over the years. [Tom] Brady. Randy algae. Corey Dillon. Lawrence Taylor. The list goes on. Teddy Brucey. He doesn’t wonder why he has maintained success over the years.

“When I name those players, he’s a little smoggerbird of all kinds of guys, cultures, people and everything. If he was able to accomplish those things with those players, he’s been very sensible since the time I spoke. , And apparently meeting him face-to-face, it removes any kind of doubt – if I had any. It’s very exciting to play for such a person. “

In terms of questions about how he could mesh with Belichick, Newton wondered why he was being asked why.

“Are we going to be honest? Is it because I’m a black athlete, a quarterback that I’ve been ineffective for a long time; I’ve been carrying myself in a way that the media didn’t give me the right.” Said. “But yet at the same time, I understand that and I have no resentment towards him. I embrace who I am, I embrace the moment. I live in the moment. One quote is that I live. Carpe Dame

“During all this, I’ve been able to see an opportunity. The list of things I expect from Bill Belichick has gone down, just as Bill Belichich wants a list of things to look for outside of Newton. I think the unjust eye of description coming here So there was a kind of stereotypical; ‘We heard about this cam. We heard that. She’s the first Donna. That’s this and that.’ But when you actually put a microscope on who I am, there are a lot of favors that are not conducive to my advantage.

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“But through all of that, I’m not going to make this about myself. I want to make this about this team and how to gain the trust of these people. I think that’s the biggest thing, the biggest challenge I’m doing, these people. Understand, ‘Listen, I know a lot has been said, I can feel my eyes and attention as soon as I go inside the facility, but at the end of the day, it’s the BS you guys learned a lot, and I dispel all doubts I’m here to do it. “

Regarding the void created by Brady’s departure, Newton was asked if he felt any pressure.

“No sir, no sir. And I think Tom’s world,” he replied. “Not just looking at a bird’s eye view, but really getting to know the people who really knew it on a daily basis and how much they talk to them, and understand the greatness of the person you hear like that.

“But as far as pressure is concerned? No sir. I think the preparation I’ve been putting forward in my career – the dark moments, the low moments and obviously the high moments – has prepared me for this.”


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