Why Scotland Is Singing “Yeah, Sir I Can Boogie”, Plus the Lyrics to the Euro 2020 Disco Anthem Made Famous by Bakra

The Scottish national team reused an old disco classic and turned it into their new football anthem.

There was ‘Will Griggs on Fire’ at Euro 2016 sung by supporters in Northern Ireland, now you can expect to hear a lot of Tartan army saying they don’t know how to boogie.

Scottish players sang heartily after their win over Serbia which saw them qualify for Euro 2020. shipped in

Indeed, ‘Yes, Sir I Can Boogie’, a 1977 disco tune by Spanish duo Bakara, was sung by the team when Scotland beat Serbia to qualify for a major international tournament for the first time in 22 years.

After a video of the team singing the song went viral, nearly 50 years after its release, it returned to the iTunes Top 40.

And ahead of their first game, Scotland fans have a lot to sing about, considering their good form after a 2-2 draw against the Netherlands in their first practice game.

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Scotland’s team is able to participate in a major tournament

“I will always thank the Scottish team, and especially Andy Considine for making me so happy after 43 years.”

Why are they singing it?

This appears to be due to Considine, the defender who got his first call up to the full Scotland squad in 2020 at the age of 33.

In 2015, he was at his bachelorette party and starred in a video parody of the song, which somehow fell into the public domain.

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Originally adopted by the always cheerful Tartan army, it was first sung in tribute to Considine, but is now the unofficial anthem for the players’ cheerful interpretation.

He was there, accompanied by Kieran Tierney, Andy Robertson and Scott McTominay, singing a song to celebrate.

What are the songs?

The most important refrain is: “Ooh! Yes sir! I can dance,
but i want a certain song
I can boogie, boogie woogie all night
Yes sir! I can dance,
You can’t go wrong if you live,
I can boogie, boogie woogie all night.

Scotland have long had one of their strongest teams, and fans are hoping to continue having a great time at Euros.

He also has several songs, while his good humour has a good reputation of supporters around the world.

Paris certainly felt them “getting down the road” when they were there to watch Scotland against France in 2007.


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