Will the Basque Country have its official selection one day?

Will the Basque Country have its official selection one day?

Officially, there are no red and white greens as are blues or rosa. Euskal selekzioa, Basque selection, is not recognized by any body except the Basque Football Federation (EFF, Euskadiko Futbol Federazioa). Informally, the Basque football team has played (friendly) matches against national teams for more than a century.

The political-game debate around its official recognition is as old as the invention of Basque Beret. The subject came out of the hat Monday, January 25, 2021, during a meeting between Inigo Urquulu (PNV, Basque nationalist to the right of the center), and the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez (PSOE, in Madrid, president of the Basque Autonomous Community) Spanish Socialist Workers Party). It is a moment. This is the first official visit in Lehndakari in two and a half years to the presidential palace of Moncloa.

“The important thing is to keep moving forward […] As we continue to do so, Basque surfing or weightlifting selection has been integrated into international associations “

On the table, a pile of subjects, each burning more than the next: from the management of the Kovid-19 epidemic to some administrative skills, such as the management of prisons, the Basque Autonomous Community. A priority is to be more “light”, the demand for the Basque selection to be “official” and to become a member of the International Football Federation (FIFA) and the European Football Association (UEFA) has not failed.

The Basque Federation presented its application file to two international bodies in mid-December. A data that Iñigo urkullu was responsible for transmitting to the head of the Spanish government while awaiting his support. Of which act Conservative daily world Pedro Sanchez is said to have started a conversation on the subject.

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The question is controversial

“Lo que Phaltaba”, “That was all missing”, the game makes headlines everyday The brand In an article where someone explains by Liga + B that such a project is “not viable”. In the first place, “because it would mean that it (UEFA, editor’s note) changes its methods”. Marca, Spain’s best-selling newspaper, cites the rules: “UEFA membership is accessible” by the European Union which has its headquarters in an independent state recognized by the United Nations and on the territory of its country ‘organization and football Are responsible for the implementation of. “.

This question is controversial to all of Spain because such initiatives could reduce the hunger of other autonomous communities such as Catalonia. It also has a regional selection. However, project defenders point out that these provisions suffer from a few exceptions: they do not apply to England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, nor the Danish-connected archipelago Faroe Islands. Hence the debate can be resumed.

John Redondo’s interview on Radio Vittoria (EITB Group’s radio) in charge of sports issues in the Basque Autonomous Government welcomes “one more step” in the process of official recognition of this selection. “The important thing is to keep moving forward […] As we continue to do so the selection of Basque surfing or weightlifting has been integrated into international associations “, announced John Redondo. The ball is in Madrid court.


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