Winter Games: DSV confirms – FIS president Eliash elected illegally

Winter Games: DSV confirms - FIS president Eliash elected illegally

Status: 06/20/2022 5:15 PM

DSV has defended its move against the election of FIS president Eliash. The FIS replied that the election was conducted correctly.

“We re-examined the matter legally. Our attorneys, who have dealt with the subject very thoroughly, have stuck to their preliminary assessment, which found that the election of the FIS president neither conforms to FIS statutes nor The same is in line with the requirements of the Swiss Association. Law “Stefan Schwarzbach, a board member of the German Ski Association, said on Monday (06/20/2022).

“No” in Vote Wasn’t Possible

Johann Eliasch was re-elected as President of the International Ski and Snowboard Federation (FIS) for a four-year term with 70 votes. Of the 126 federations entitled to vote, 56 expressed their disapproval by abstaining. In the election in Milan, delegates could vote only for Elijah or abstain – a “no” vote was not possible.

According to Friday’s announcement, the DSV and the federations of Austria, Switzerland and Croatia had informed the FIS that they would investigate the election by the International Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). as a reason they would have given at that time “Procedural motions apparently designed in accordance with democratic principles and correctly presented or introduced were not accepted by an external legal advisor to the FIS”,

He expects a decision in three months at the earliest, Schwarzbach continues. “You can imagine that this is not a decision that was particularly easy for us. As far as I know, we have not yet needed a decision from the CAS. We know that we are at peace with that. Not sure. But we will just have no other option”According to Schwarzbach.

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FIS: “The allegations leveled are baseless and baseless.”

FIS announced that there was a “optimistic”that the election in Congress in May “was conducted strictly in accordance with FIS statutes and Swiss law”According to a statement.

this approach would be “Confirmed by the legal advisors of the FIS”, In addition, the association is of the opinion “That the allegations made are completely baseless and baseless”,


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