With its image, the golf world (too) distances itself from Donald Trump.

With its image, the golf world (too) distances itself from Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has a passion for golf, and while the microcosm of the small white ball has long dealt with him best, greens have begun to erode since violent incidents by his supporters in Washington on Wednesday .

Under the influence of a new impeachment process, a few days before the inauguration of Joe Biden, the deposed president appears irreplaceable to the leaders of the sport. If we were to use the lexical area, it would look like it was bumpy, it was difficult to get out of the high grass without damage, even in the river.

On Sunday, the PGA of America decided not to host the 2022 PGA Championship at Trump National in Bedminster, New Jersey. “Our brand was at stake“, Explained Seth Waugh, general manager of the organizing body of the Grand Slam tournament.

The course, where the 2017 US Open took place, was chosen by the PGA of America in 2014, despite sexist comments made by billionaires during their last election campaign. That is why it is supported more for image, for business reasons than for political reasons.

This is not the first time that American golf officials have distanced themselves from Trump.

“He’s a Golf Cheater”

In 2015, the American Federation canceled the PGA Grand Slam at Trump National after making derogatory remarks about Mexican immigrants. And in 2016, the PGA Tour decided to move a leg of the 2017 WGC Championship to Mexico, instead of the Trump-owned Doral Club in Miami.

On Monday, R&A, the governing body of World Golf, announced that the Trump Turnberry Complex in Scotland, where the British Open has already been held several times, would no longer host the Major.

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If it doesn’t make a clear political argument, R & A strongly inspires it: “We will not return to this until we are convinced that the focus is on the tournament, players and course.“.

Turnberry, Bedminster – where he played hundreds of games during his tenure – is on a list of 17 courses owned by Trump worldwide.

The future former president, who for two months has condemned a bogus vote at the core of Joe Biden’s election, “A Notorious Golf CheaterAccording to Rick Reilly, author of the book “Commander in Cheat”, he crossed particular irony with Tiger Woods and Rory McElroyo, who later found these “Tea Parties” hard to believe.

Some supporters including Tiger Woods

He is the President of the United States. We may dislike his personality or his politics, but we should respect this function“, Woods defended in 2018. Not only that, a year later, he was awarded the Presidential Medal by Trump’s hands.

McElroy, who starred alongside the billionaire in 2017, assured him that he would “Maybe it won’t happen again“”Last day was very pleasant. He is very charismatic and has been good to everyone … but that doesn’t mean I agree with everything he says“.

Trump still has supporters, most prominent among them Jack Nicklaus, winner of 18 Major, who voted for the Republican nominee. “I saw her resolve and determination to do what is right for our country“, He justified.

Last Thursday, following the events in Washington, Trump presented two former champions, Sweden’s Annika Sorenstam, with other medals of freedom, which also supported her candidacy and South African Gary Player. He was immediately criticized for agreeing to be honored in this way.

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Another supporter, American football coach Bill Belichick, a six-time Super Bowl winner with the New England Patriots, denied him receiving this supreme civic decoration because “Tragic events of the past week“.

There is evidence that even in the NFL, where many franchise owners are notoriously pro-Trump, but 75% of players are black, the tide is starting to turn.


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