Women’s Coach Miter: “If I had survived without a medal”

Women's Coach Miter:

With her World Cup gold medal in parallel singles, Katharina Leinsberger cashed in the VSV women at Cortina D’Ampezzo. “We survived without a medal. We have one now, it’s great,” said racing director Christian Mitter. “Now we are here to do nothing. A lot of effort is put in, and somehow you want to give something back.” He still has a lot of faith in Linsberger: “He is on a mission somehow, I am aware of it.”

In Super-G, Downhill and Combined, the Mitters troop always had more or less precious metals, making it work for the first time on Tuesday. This was the first World Championship medal for TheSV women since Stephanie Vennier’s silver in the downhill at St. Moritz on February 12, 2017. “Maybe we will get a little peace of mind or security that the path we are on will be awesome.” very nice. It was just a race where speed was the key, “Miter said, satisfied.” Now you can finally explain it publicly to everyone who isn’t very familiar with the gold medal. “

The fact that only men had previously won medals in Cortina, namely three gold medals, did not cause any internal dissatisfaction. He said that when there is some pressure, because when gentlemen do a good job, you are busy with other things, he told the assembled journalists and laughed. He “rather, if we don’t do any work, at least the men have cleaned everything. That’s why I’ve grown up in Norway professionally. It has made us stronger, and I hope That we will bring it together in inSV. ” future.”

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In the case of long chains without medals, some knives were already sharpened in public. Miter can take it, he insists: “I look dumb anyway. I have to be with them. If you think about it, you can’t put yourself in public.” This also applies in sports, as they “present their work to hundreds of thousands of people. You should not deal with the problem.”

GerSV thinks highly of Leinsberger. Prior to last season, sports director Anton Giger tried hard to find a permanent solution to the dispute with his equipment companies, which eventually came about. Lensberger actually wanted to ski with Castal skis instead of Rossignol and Lang boots from the 2019/20 World Cup winter, but it failed due to a lack of boot material within the Austrian ski pool. On Tuesday, Gigger Linsberger’s quick intervention brought the World Champion Awards ceremony – with Marta Bassino topping it.

“She trains purposefully, she’s mentally in a good mood, and now she’s a world champion. It’s yet another milestone in her career, whatever comes after it or before. Mitter Said. And her best discipline is yet to come. Stylian had expected the Vörlberg woman to win a medal before the slalom on Saturday, “so that a little bit of pressure comes down.” Now he has the one who can now strangulate him in slalom. “

Leinsberger was particularly happy about his performance and was proud of it. The 23-year-old insisted, “In the end I worked on the blue course and you know it wasn’t easy.” “I went skiing with my heart, like the president always said.” TurnedSV boss Peter Schroskendal spoke with his friend Philippe on the phone as first congratulations.

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He thanked the entire team and highlighted his fitness trainer Tony Bertzki, service man Rafael Hudler and mental trainer Stephen Prussina, in addition to his sweetie. The biggest breakthrough of her career to date is a special one: “Cortina is somehow my home, my grandfather came from here,” said Leinsberger, who won the first World title in 1996 after Patrick Ortlieb in the Sierra Nevada. Was responsible for. Although his grandfather was no longer alive, he said that he gave him strength. They will also need it in their dense schedule – with three more World Cup appearances.


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