Women’s Football – News – Judgment Time

Women's Football - News - Judgment Time
  • Eligible for EM: Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and England (host)
  • There are many teams still running for the last ten tickets
  • Many are on playoff schedule

Six teams have so far secured their starting places for the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 – with ten more still up for graves. Exciting games are pre-events. Of all things, for the Republic of Ireland, it is important to score three points against eight-time European champion Germany if you don’t want to bury your dream of participating in the European Championship. Even for Poland, only a triple success against Spain matters, after Scotland’s 1-0 defeat against Finland and the goal of amending the duel between France and Austria, about securing first place in the group Is in

Outstanding Games:

Scotland – Finland

01. December, Easter Road Stadium, Edinburgh

After three wins, Scotland suffered their first defeat. Ironically against Finland, Anna is trained by Signul, who was previously on the sidelines for Scotland for 12.5 years. The Finns moved to first place when they met again on December 1 and intended to defend it. With a win against Portugal on 27 November. Scotland have the opportunity to move closer to their rivals from Northern Europe. “When we came into the same group as Scotland in the draw, it was – for me personally – not good. I don’t think it will affect Scotland or Finland. Personally, I found it difficult to play against them. Is, but I do. I’m a professional coach and have to get the emotions out of the situation. My heart and my passion is for Finland as a whole. I love my job and enjoy working with my players Take. This is just a fantastic group, “Finland coach Anna Sigul said in an interview. FIFA.com.

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26 November, National Training Center, Senec

Sweden can no longer be caught in this group. Now it’s all about finishing second, as only the group winners and the three best runners-up go directly to the European Championship. The remaining other teams must go to the playoff round. The Icelandic, who were eliminated after the preliminary round at the 2017 European Championships, have a place to secure their second against Slovakia. “Iceland is ranked 19th in the FIFA world rankings and we are 47th,” said Slovakian coach Peter Kopu on the association’s website. “I wonder how things will change on Thursday. On the one hand, a big surprise is possible in football from time to time. On the other hand, the qualitative difference is theoretically important. However, I’m very happy that fate is like this at the moment.” Brings the challenge. “

On the other hand, coach Jaun Mr. Hawkson will have to make two changes to the team for the games against Slovakia and Hungary. Dagn媒 Brynjarsd贸ttir and Rakel H枚nnud贸ttir are the new members, while Kar贸l铆na Lea Vilhj谩lmsd贸ttir and H贸lmfr铆冒ur Magn煤sd贸ttir will not.

Spain – Poland

01 Dezember, Pavilion 1 of the City of Football – Madrid

In the highly competitive group, the card is constantly being reshuffled, as three teams – Spain, Poland and the Czech Republic – look upwards. The best starting place is for the Spaniards, who are one point short of second place behind Poland, but still have three games up their sleeve. A win against Poland in a direct duel would be enough to bring qualification for coach Zolda’s team into a dry sheet. If three points are scored against Moldova in advance, a draw will still suffice. On the other hand, Polish women have to finish at least second place, as the Czech Republic is on their neck. Should Karel Rada’s team score more points against Spain against Moldova than Poland, they will complete the qualification as runners-up.

More encounters

For Switzerland, it will be a group win in Belgium on December 1st. whereas Confederates C group H with 19 digits Red flames There is a low meter behind it. On 27 November, France will fight with equal points to win in the group with the Austrian women in a direct duel in Guinang. While the semifinalists of the 2017 European Championship will receive Serbia on 1 December, the 2019 World Cup hosts will have to play against Kazakhstan. Northern Ireland will advance to the play-offs if Belarus and the Faroe Islands lose. If, however, the points fall behind in these games, Wales could look forward to a simultaneous win against Belarus. The DFB women who have already qualified for the European Championship will meet two final qualifying games in England and the Republic of Ireland in Dublin.


“Ireland will have to score goals against us, which means that the game is still very important for the Irish in the context of the European Championship. In the first leg, due to our quality, they could not get into their game, especially in the first half. . But I know the coach and the team. They want to do a lot better in the second leg, they play at home and will definitely challenge us more. But our goal is clear that we all want to keep winning the game. “
Martina Voss-Tecklenburg (Trainer Germany)


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