Women’s national team opens international season against Sweden

Women's National Team

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The women’s national team begins on Friday with a test match hit against Sweden in the international game year 2021 It is the first of two games to be ranked fifth in the world rankings, as part of the “Visit Malta Women’s Trophy 2021” and will be broadcast live on ORF Sport +. Kick-off at 3pm at Hibernis Football Ground (Malta).

Austrians find themselves in a lesser role against the third of the 2019 World Cup and the Olympic second since 2016. “The Swedes are a very confident and experienced team that makes a mistake in a difficult pass game. BallFB team boss Irene Fuhrman says that it is necessary to constantly pressurize the ball and cause trouble for them.

Both teams will have to do without their England stalwarts due to the current entry rules in Malta. For the Austrians, the failure of goalkeeper Manuela Zinsberger (Arsenal WFC) has more of an impact on the Swedish side than the Chelsea trio around Magdalena Eriksson.

Because ZFB Goal is making a start: Unlike Zinsberger, who has been nominated for the starting eleven in the women’s national team’s 60 international matches since 2015, the Goal women’s trio does not include Vanessa Gritzner, Kristen Kramer and Jasmine Pal. Booked a team jersey.

“Even in games with significant qualification in the autumn, the team managed to compensate for the loss of key players time and again. We want to set up new impulses and the squad’s position allows us to play those players Who have not had much international experience so far. We want to see how they cope with the pressure in the competition. Even without this course one has to do it.

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Scandinavians compensate for their cancellation with experience. Caroline Sager (FC Rosengard) has completed more international matches (209) alone than the Austrian women’s national team in its history (187). Five other teammates of Segers have performed well in over 100 international matches, including Real Madrid partner Sophia Jakobson (118/22 goals) and Kosovare Aslani (144/37).

In the only meeting to date with Svedes, who was watched by Peter Gehrdson, on April 9, 2019 in Südstadt, FB-Elf lost 2–0 despite a good performance. It was a farewell game for BFB record national player Nina Berger.

After the final whistle on Friday, there will be at least one look at Helsinki upon the entry of finalFB, where the first decision will be taken in a long-distance duel between Finland and Portugal for direct EM qualification places. In the event of a Finnish home win, the Portuguese will have to score 14 goals against Scotland on 23 February to dispute Furhmann-Elf for a straight EM ticket.

Go to Malta Women’s Trophy 2021: Spielplan

18 February: Malta vs Slovakia, 3:00 pm.
19 February: Austria – Sweden, 3:00 pm *
23 February: Malta vs Sweden, 2:30 pm.
23 February: Austria – Slovakia, 6:30 pm *

* Both games take place in Paola (Malta) at the Hybridian Football Ground and can be watched live on ORF Sport +

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