Women’s World Championship | Canada cuts off Russia

  Women's World Championship |  Canada is less than Russia

(Calgary) Canada received aggressive contributions from several players as they easily beat Russia 5-1 in the Women’s World Hockey Championship on Sunday.

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Canadian Press

Sarah Fillier, Ella Shelton, Erin Ambrose, Melody Doust and Rebecca Johnston targeted for Canada.

This was the first duel between the two teams since the Maple Leaf representatives won the bronze medal game of this tournament in 2019.

Fourteen Canadian players scored at least one point in Sunday’s game. Ann-Renée Desbiennes made six saves in the win.

“We are a team and that’s the most important thing,” Doust said after the game. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first world championship or your fourth. ”

Olga Sosina took advantage of the power play to thread the needle with only a second to go into the game.

Nadezhda Morozova intercepted 33 shots in the defeat. She was replaced in the second period by Anna Prugova, who turned down 24 pucks.

The Canadians (2-0) will face Switzerland (0-2) on Tuesday before closing out Thursday’s preliminary round against the United States.

The Americans (2-0) restricted the Finns (0-2) to just 10 shots and won 3-0 later on Sunday. In Group B, Czech Republic (2-0) beat Hungary (0-2) by a score of 4-2.

The quarter-finals of the tournament will be held on Saturday, followed by semi-finals on August 30 and medal matches on August 31.

Russia is nicknamed “COR” (Russian Olympic Committee) in international ice hockey federation tournaments due to sanctions imposed by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

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Canada led the Russians 62-7 in shot and puck possession.

The Russians used their stick and body well to break up the scoring opportunities and forced the Canadians to take multiple shots from outside. The defense, however, began to crumble in the second period.

“We tried not to play like this physically, but to be active, to put pressure on the defenders and to be energetic in front checks and defensive comebacks. If you can play like this against Canada, your There is a chance, ”Sosina analyzed.

“We want to take it to the next level and compete with the Canadians. We need to get better and have more chances to score.”

Canada is preparing to play physical hockey against Russia, head coach Troy Ryan said.

Photo Jeff Mackintosh, Canadian Press

Nadezhda Morozova and Sarah Fillier

“We know we have to match the physical game of all the other teams and even overtake it a little bit. We can play against anyone like this.’

Fillier opened the scoring in a three-for-one climb, recording the puck between Morozova’s pads.

Canada doubled their lead in less than two minutes, when Shelton conceded a pass from Brian Jenner before the Russian goalkeeper was toppled over to Kitten’s side.

“I would say I let the panic go away after the first game,” Shelton said. There are many good leaders to guide. ”

Everyone in the team is hungry for victory.

Ella Shelton

Morozova was replaced by Prugova after Ambrose slapped Russian defender Anna Savonina before stopping her momentum in the back of the net.

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Doust hit the mark in the third period, and Johnston redirected an Emily Clark shot to give the Canadian a 5–0 lead.

“To be successful in these small events, you need depth,” Ryan said. You should be able to attack from everywhere. ”

The 2021 Women’s World Hockey Championship was scheduled for Nova Scotia in April, but was postponed until May. It was eventually canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hockey Canada moved and postponed the 10-team tournament to August and Calgary.

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