World Cup qualification: Austrian players stunned after defeat

World Cup qualification: Austrian players stunned after defeat

The rejection in the same qualifications for the second time at Haifa’s Sammy Ofer Stadium – again in 2019 they went down 2:4 at the same venue – left a deep mark on the players. David Alaba & Co found the debacle difficult to understand, especially given a good start and several bullet opportunities. “Very bitter,” said the captain of an appearance that hadn’t gotten worse with the defensive carvers in the least. Against Scotland on Tuesday (8.45 p.m., live on ORF1), three points are needed – more to rehabilitate – in the race for a place in the World Cup final.

Manor Solomon (5th), Munas Dabbar (20th) and Eran Sehvi (33rd) had already taken the preliminary decision after half an hour. Particularly bitter: visually, the Austrians were the more aggressive team just before the break and created more chances, but that didn’t count for anything. “I think we played very well in the first half. But we missed the opportunity,” said Alaba. The big difference was the absurdity at the front of the gate: “Israel made better use of the opportunities today. They let us down. Punished.

Austrians stunned after defeat

The Austria national team lost 2-5 in World Cup qualification in Haifa on Saturday. The kickers were stunned after the “disastrous” performance, according to goalkeeper Daniel Bachmann.

system is not faulty

The result cannot be explained: “If you go home with 2:5 and are the better team in the first half, something is wrong,” said the Real Madrid legend. “We really have to go into halftime with a lead.” One of the reasons for the debacle was defensive mistakes that increased the hair. Coach Franco Foda’s move to the three-man chain clearly did not bode well for the defensive, which was hardly necessary against Moldova in a four-man formation. Under the supervision of former FB sporting director Willie Rattensteiner, the Israelis also benefit from defensive weaknesses that are not only of a personal nature.

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Changes in the system and five changes to the starting line-up compared to the game in Moldova – this time including Alaba in the starting line-up – were not an excuse for the captain to disapproval. “The system didn’t matter today. We were better in the first half than in the second, we came under better pressure.” Thanks to a goal from Christoph Baumgartner shortly before the break (42nd), the Austrians again Alba said, with the back four changes during the break, they “wanted to try something else,” but it “didn’t work out as we thought”.

Christoph Baumgartner after his goal

Reuters/Ammar Awadh

The Baumgartner (r.) goal briefly boosted the confidence of the Austrian team shortly before the break.

Fourth goal accepted as the root of the matter

So goalkeeper Bachchan had to get the ball out of the gate five times. For Watford Legionnaire, a 4:2 by former WAC goal getter Sean Weisman – just four minutes after a Marko Arnatovic (55th) goal and a mistake by Alessandro Schoff – was the deciding scene in the game. “During the break, I thought we would win the game with a relatively early target. We did that and then we conceded our fourth goal again,” said Bachman, a bit stunned. Weisman clearly sucked up every energy from the Austrians with his placed shot.

Even if he confirmed “some wondrous goals” for the highly skilled hosts who reunited with Sehvi, Bachchan was furious after his eighth international. “No matter how bad, we are not allowed to score five goals against Israel. A lot was missing. We know it was disastrous,” said Watford Legionnaire. He did not want to accept the failures of Sasa Kalajadzik and Stephan Lenner as an excuse: “Our squad is big and enough to make up for the failures.”

Goalkeeper Daniel Bachchan

APA/AFP/Jack Guez

Goalkeeper Bachchan probably already suspected in a 0:1 flight that tonight would be a bitter one

The 27-year-old was now expecting huge media headwinds. “We are all professionals, now we know what is coming from the media in Austria. If there is something good to write, it will be very, very short and short. And when things don’t go well, people start screaming.” Let’s do it and start capitalizing again, ”said the goalkeeper. However, Bachchan also admitted that, given the performance in Haifa, the criticism was justified this time: “But it’s okay, we are going to play with our performance. After today it was worth it.”

hope dies Last

Alba had to admit two months after EM that she had stepped back. “You have been together for a long time (at EM, pay attention), you are preparing for a tournament. In the last few days we have not been able to create an atmosphere like a few months ago, ”said the Viennese. Nevertheless, Alaba said Optimism practiced: “We know we have a lot of potential, that we can play more successfully than we are today. We have already proved this many times. Bachchan also praised the improvement: “We have to make sure we fix it on Tuesday and still be second. “

Only first place in Group F means tickets to the final in Qatar, with the second participating in the play-offs. Denmark are at “half-time”, with a maximum of 15 points from five matches ahead of Israel, who have ten points. Austria’s next rival, Scotland, is eight points one point ahead of third-placed OFB selection. In a direct duel with the Scots on Tuesday in Vienna, the Austrians should be paying more attention to reconciliation with the fans than looking at the table.

world cup qualification

Group F, 5th match day:

Israel – Austria 5:2 (3:1)

Haifa, Sammy Ofer Stadium, 15,000 spectators, SR Zver (GER)

target sequence:
1:0 Solomon (5.)
2:0 Dabur (20th)
3:0 Sahvi (33.)
3:1 Baumgartner (42.)
3:2 Arnautovic (55.)
4:2 Weisman (59.)
5:2 Sahvi (90.)

Israel: Marciano – Dasa, Dagani, Tibi (46./Glazer), Elhamd, Menachem (74./Davidzada) – Bittan, Nacho (57./Abu Fani), Solomon (86./Haziza) – Sahwi, Dabbar (57./ Weisman)

Austria: Bachmann – Posh, Dragovic (46./Schaub), Hintergeger – Mwene, Laimer (79./Kainz), Grillitsch (79./Ilsanker), Alaba – Schöpf (68./Demir), Baumgartner (79./Kara) – arnautovic

Yellow Card: Weisman, Elhamd, Abu Fani or Bachmann, Grylitsch

Best: Solomon, Sahwi, Bitten or Baumgartner, Lime


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