World Cup qualification: BFB team wins first in Scotland

World Cup qualification: BFB team wins first in Scotland

Notably the first half lacked a goal, things progressed well after the break: Kalazadic scored with only a kick (55th minute) before Hanley made a mistake by goalkeeper Alexander Schlezer (71st). Later came on par. The draw (80th / 85th) eventually took place after Kalazadic saw a hit with his head and McGinn with an overhead kick.

The FirstFB team will continue with the first home game against the Outer Faroe Islands on Sunday, followed by the second game at Ernst Hapel Stadium on Wednesday (8.45pm, live on ORF1) against group favorites Denmark. Dani won 2–0 (1–0) in the Willie Rattensteiner-trained Israelis debut. Moldova and the Faroe Islands separated with a 1–1 draw.

Double for Kalajadik (80th minute)

Sasa Kalazadic shines with two goals in the game against Scotland and leaves Austria behind with their goal.

Two stormy peaks in place of Sabitzer

At the famed, but as usual vacant Hampden Park, Foda was allowed to return to many of his veterans after a tough struggle, but also without Corvavirus or injuries and Marseille without some key players such as Marco Arnautovic and Martin Hendeger. Was lying. Sabitzer came on short: The captain of the Leipzig received a setback in training this season and had to pass. LASK keeper Schlezer guarded the gate.

Scotland, who will compete in a major event for the first time since 1998 at the European Championships in June, also relied on the skills of their veterans, some of whom were outstanding, such as Andrew Robertson (Liverpool), Scott McTommen (Manchester United). And Kiran Tierney (Arsenal). Austria went up against number 48 as the favorites at number 23 in the world rankings.

Kalazadic with First Chance

And the Austrians, who started in the 3-5–2 system, remained in this role, at least in the initial phase. The Scots dropped the ball to the guests, and the leftFB team converted it into a chance. Christophe Baumgartner gained momentum with borderline use of his hand, with Jack Hendry sweeping the ball into Kalazadic’s feet – he just missed the short corner (2 nd).

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Austria’s chance to score (2 minutes)

Kalajczyk put a good shot on goal at the start of the game.

In the first half-hour Austria kept the game under control with possession on the ball, not allowing anything defensively, but barely got against the compact Scots. Baumgartner, as the most important creativeFB creative player, quickly felt British rigor. Only once Kalajadik ideally served him in the barrel, near the sixteenth he decided to stop immediately rather than serve Gbik. Scotland’s goalkeeper Marshall finally halted a good attack (18th).

Alaba again tried to make the distance a few minutes later, but was again at Marshall Post (25th). Overall, Austria lacked penetration in the final third, especially since there was a lack of movement, accuracy in passing games and ideas. It was therefore not surprising that the Scots were more adventurous in the game. Stuart Armstrong’s two shots were harmless (29./31).

Schlezer corrects his mistake

The best and only good chance of the host team before the break was due to the fault of the onlyFB team. Schlager played the ball straight into the feet of Lyndon Dykes. His pass in the penalty area led to Ryan Christie in goal, but Schlezer rectified his mistake with a very good leg defense (42.). At the time of the pause, the goalkeeper was on hand for another deal from Christie (45th).

Error by Schlezer (42nd minute)

Following a mistake by Schlager, the Scots have their first good chance to score.

After the break, the game was played for the first ten minutes, with every minute of action before it. Austria initially took over through Kalazadic (55th): Baumgartner put the ball in the center of Florian Grillits. The midfielder took a heart and let him go on an unpleasant ride, Marshall could only steer clear at the feet of Kalajadik, who used dust.

Ilsanker in Destiny

The lead disappeared after about a minute: Stefan Ilsankar “hugged” his opponent Christie in the penalty area in front of referee Carlos del Cerro Grande from Spain and surprisingly got away without a foul whistle. There is no video assistant referee (VAR) at this stage of the competition.

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Ilsanker in a duel with Christie (56th minute)

Defender Ilsankar is fortunate that there was no penalty whistle after this duel.

Just a minute after that, Armstrong pushed Shalgar’s box back from a sharp angle (57th). And another minute later, Kalazadic scored again, but Tierney (58th) was not given the goal due to his dishonesty.

Redundant equalizer

The game calmed down for a few minutes, before the Scots equalized somewhere out. Following a foul by the Grillits, Stephen O’Donnell brought a free-kick flank from about 30 yards into the penalty area. Austria stood high, staying close to the Schlazer line. And so it happened, as it was meant to be: Henley left Ilsankar in a hurry and reached the 71st position. Ilsanker told Schlager that he was dissatisfied with his decision. Due to which the Frankfurt commander only ran after his opponent.

Equalizer for Scotland (71st minute)

Hanley scores for Scotland. Now it is at 1-1.

But Austria showed its morale and came into the lead again: Lennar crossed from the right, and Kalazadic outlined his top form in the German Bundesliga with his notable header (80th). It was his first two goals in only the third international match for Austria.

This time Foda-Elf did not make an edge over time, as McGinn also managed to equalize in a remarkable way. The midfielder struck Schlezer with an overhead kick, after Baumgartner had canceled the offside at the cross after a corner (85th). For those who believe in good omen: Before participating in the final World Cup in 1998, the teamFB team started the World Cup qualification with a draw against Scotland (0–0 at the time at home).

Voices for the game:

Franco Bosh ((FB Team Boss): “In my opinion, we left two points behind. We kept aiming in good stages of the game. The first goal was very easy and we just have to push the second out and then McGinn is upside down. We did that good. Kind of not defending. Still, congratulations to the team, they accepted the fight, they showed the mindset. We had to improve again today, not because of the Kovid-19, but because Marcel Sabitzer was absent. If you had the whole package Let’s see, you have to stick to a point. We were already compact in the first half. Otherwise we defended well, but you have to be present at particularly important moments. “

Now black (ThereFB Double Goalkeeper): “I had a wonderful day in my career. But it is certain that I will never forget. I think we defended it really well, but they came through a standard with the first goal. I do not want to blame anyone for this. The second goal is stupid, we all believed a bit that it was wrong. He then briefly assumed he was Zlatan and hit him with an overhead kick – unbelievable indeed. But we should have defended this better. ‘

Steve clark (Scotland Team Boss): “If you are behind twice and come back, you have to be satisfied with one point. The Austrians are a good team. We played well against them and it gave us confidence. We usually do not allow multiple goals. But we did not have bad control of the game. We earned the talk. We saw two good teams. The most important thing is that we have shown character – and that we can keep up with a good team like Austria. “

World Cup qualification, Group F, first match day

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Scotland – Austria 2: 2 (0: 0)

Glasgow, Hampden Park, no visitors allowed due to coronovirus epidemic, SR del Cerro Grande (ESP)

Target order:
0: 1 Kalajadik (55.)
1: 1 Hanley (71.)
1: 2 Kalajadik (80.)
2: 2 McGinn (85.)

Scotland: Marshall – Hendry, Henley, Tierney – O’Donnell, McTeen, McGinn, Armstrong (66./Adams), Robertson – Dykes (78. McGregor), Christie (88./McLean)

Austria: a. Schlager – Ilsanker, Dragovic, Lienhardt – Lennar, Baumgartner, Grilitsch, x. Schlezer, Alaba – Kalajczyk, Grubik (68./Sub)

Yellow Cards: Hanley, Christie, Dykes, O’Donnell or Kalajdic, Grillitz, Elsancer


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