World Cup qualification: FB player in personal review

World Cup qualification: FB player in personal review

Daniel Bachchan: Satisfying

In the eighth minute, Bachchan managed to bring himself into the limelight with a header for the first time. During a body check by Dykes, he went down, but shook off the attack as an island-proven goalkeeper then was the focus of the penalty kick. The penalty was not volatile, but the ball went under Bachchan. A completely unsuccessful tour in which he hit the grass at Happel Stadium instead of the ball in slapstick style, to no avail. He made another good defense in the 68th minute.

Christopher Trimmel: Satisfying

Union Berlin returned to the starting line-up as a Legionnaire right-back and made a promising start with a dynamic singles run. Trimmel tried hard to attack, but was ineffective. Defensively, he did a solid job. His right side was under control, although at times with difficulty.

Alexander Dragovic: Satisfying

After a completely unsuccessful appearance in Israel, Dragovi was consolidated against the Scots. In his 96th international, he acted without compromise, with a useful position game and, this time, above all, without serious mistakes. Defeat is certainly not to be found in the central defender.

Martin Hinteregger: Enough

The central defender really wanted to erase his weak performance in Haifa. Alaba’s offensive direction often caused Hintergager to cut to the left, once coming too late and seeing the yellow card. Unfortunately, the Frankfurt Legionnaires were over-motivated and paid the penalty to make it 0–1 with their wrestling contributions. Otherwise Hinteregger wasn’t responsible for anything, but the action at VAR time was clearly very quick and in the end it was decisive for the game.

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David Alaba: Satisfying

The captain was back in the back four as a left-back, at least on paper. A position he rarely takes because of his aggressive focus. The result was a lot of room for bulkheads. Alaba tried long passes behind the Scottish defensive line and countless crosses, almost all of which ended with the opponent. Alaba was the least always playable and most exclusive FB player, although his actions did not lead to success.

Stefan Ilsankar: Satisfying

The Frankfurt Legionnaires were called to the starting line-up in the defensive midfield by team boss Franco Foda. After a poor start, Ilasankar found the game better. He played without much risk, but in some situations he played very carefully. He placed the first minute of the second half more aggressively, but was then exchanged in the 55th minute.

Florian Grillitsch: Not Enough

Gryllitz didn’t work as safe on the ball and it became difficult to land in doubles. Most of the time he was a step too late to win the ball. Hoffenheim also found it difficult to launch an offensive. A shot from the edge of the penalty area was clearly missed. Grylitch could never give a line to the OFB game and was yellow for over 90 minutes.

Konrad Laimer: Enough

The midfielder started this time on the right and played the first few minutes in typical limer style – in other words, aggressively on the man. However, with the continuation of the first half, Leipziger’s mistakes came to the fore, which became more and more and which were not used to him. Lamar seemed to be at the end of his strength in the third game, trying to mobilize him repeatedly, but ultimately without success. It was changed in the 88th minute.

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Louis Schaub: Not Enough

Schaub was one of three changes in the starting XI that Foda compared to Israel’s defeat. Cologne Legionnaire played ambiguously in the first 45 minutes, which is never a good sign for an attacking midfielder. In the second half too, nothing came of him, other than a start, to liven up the offensive game or ensure creativity against the Scottish defence.

Christoph Baumgartner: Enough

Baumgartner needed some time to find his way into the game and posted a fine shot in the 15th minute. After that, however, he often got stuck in his single runs and was unable to bear his great strength. In the second half they had the biggest chance of equalizing. The situation was similar to that of the European Championship against Ukraine, when he hit the sole. The only difference was that the ball did not go into the goal with the head this time.

Marko Arnautovic: Not enough

Arnatovi secured first qualification for the Austrians, and it was the highlight of his game against the Scots. The single striker wanted to act as a preparer with one touch actions in a number of situations, but it failed permanently. Arnautovic was also offside several times in deep balls. In his 94th international match, he could neither create an opportunity nor get himself in position.

Michael Gregorish: Not Enough

Gregorish came in as the second striker for Elsankar in the 55th minute. The ulterior motive was probably that Alaba’s cross in the penalty area was the buyer. The acceptance, however, did not have a positive effect, as Gregorish missed the balls just as he had previously. In one position he had the opportunity to make up for a chance with a passport. The ball has gone somewhere though.

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Yusuf Demir: Very briefly inserted

met with great applause

Andreas Ulmer: Used very briefly

Ercan Kara: too small inserted


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