World Cup qualification: FB team boss Foda doesn’t question himself

World Cup qualification: FB team boss Foda doesn't question himself

Fans at the Ernst Happel Stadium saw it differently. In the second half, slogans of “boiled out” echoed across the field. The team boss has partly seen the outrage. “But this should not affect me in my work and activities. In general, I am focused on the team in the game to give new impulses to the team,” said the German, who insisted that he It was fun being a coach.

Foda will not willingly throw in the towel after only seven points from six matches and eleven points behind immaculate league leaders Denmark despite the current mood. “Of course you think about it a lot. But I’m a guy who has always fought and never gave up. There are still four games in which we can get twelve points. Then we’ll be 19 and we’ll see That’s where we stand, ”the German explained.

FB president: Phoda becomes team boss

After an embarrassing 2:5 in Israel, a 0:1 home loss against Scotland in a World Cup qualifier on Tuesday. However, Foda sees himself unwilling to resign. He doesn’t question himself, the 55-year-old said.

Wrong contact for questions about the future

His future as a team boss rests in the hands of others. In this case with the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB). Outgoing FB president Leo Windner confirmed Foda on Wednesday morning with one of his last official acts for away games against the Faroe Islands (9 October) and Denmark (12 October). “I don’t believe in playing fast shots. We have to deal with things fairly, seriously and consistently,” Windner told APA.

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On Saturday, however, a decision will be made on the new president, which will be either Gerhard Miletich or Roland Schmidt. How the new, stronger person in the Sangh sees the situation after taking office is in the stars. “My contract runs until next year. If we qualify through the play-offs, then till after the World Cup. I can’t answer everything else, I’m the wrong person to talk to. I think I will play the play-offs, ”said Foda.

APA / Herbert Neubauer

The disappointment of a 1–0 draw against Scotland was written on Franco Foda and his players.

In this regard, the German noted the successes he has had with the team so far. He took the lead, reaching the European Championship Round of 16 and promotion to League A of the Nations League. However, it is clear to them that in the event of a failure, one is to be blamed. “The trainer is always responsible. It’s our business, our job. You have to be able to live with it. We have to keep our head straight,” said Foda, who acknowledged that the team is in difficult times.

“Take the Right Measures”

The owners of the team want to devote themselves first and foremost to the processing of this course, which brought Kama’s victory and two defeats against Moldova. “It is important to take the time to review the course now so that we can take the right measures for October so that we can get back on track and get a lot of points from the last four games. We have the quality for it, now we need it, ”Foda explained.

There’s a lot to work through. Against Israel, the defeat resulted from an inferior defense as well as a poor assessment of opportunities. Against Scotland, the team was unable to create chances and – as was often the case before – found no solution against a defensive opponent. “We got into the last zone well. But we were very complicated there, missing the last pass. A gate would have given us strength and energy,” Foda analyzed.

Lost control after penalty

At least defensively, the team was far more stable than against Israel. According to Foda, the start against Scotland was also good. “The team wanted to win the game from the start. But after the penalty we lost control. We really wanted to turn the game around in the second half. With Baumgartner’s great opportunity, we could have made it. You don’t have everything. Can’t blame the team for not doing it,” Foda said in a succinct play.

Foda did not attribute the multiple injuries to the only problem. Stefan Lanner, Xaver Schlager, Sasa Kalaczyk, Julian Baumgartlinger and Marcel Sabitzer were missing in September’s games. Sabitzer will return from this quintet in October itself, the rest will be canceled by the end of the year. Foda said, “Many players have very little rhythm in their clubs and named Konrad Laimer, Florian Grelitsch and Louis Schaub in this context.

Foda didn’t want to use the missing players as excuses. “With a game against Scotland you normally shouldn’t lose the game. We should never have lost in Israel, ”said the team boss. He said, ‘We are in a difficult phase at the moment, we have to go through it. We have to keep believing in ourselves. We will be concerned about what you have done wrong or right,” Foda said.


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