World Cup qualification: Foda sees “final game” in Scotland

World Cup qualification: Foda sees

The OFB team is only fourth in Group F after five out of ten matches and eight points behind table leader Denmark, which hosts Israel. With Israel’s complete success and defeat, Austria would at least again be in second place. The boil is counted after 2:5 in Haifa, but it was belligerent on Monday. “We absolutely have to win. But we are absolutely capable of it,” said the German.

If, however, no three points are scored, it must be really uncomfortable for Foda, even against the backdrop that a new FB president will be named this week. “But I am not dealing with this topic because I think we will win,” the 55-year-old insisted. He has “complete faith in the team”.

The “final game” for the FB team against Scotland

Franco Foda is confident of victory against Scotland ahead of the World Cup qualifiers in Vienna on Tuesday evening. With three points in place, Austria would still be in the running for second place and the OFB team boss would be out under the fire of criticism.

close relationship with the team

The national coach reaffirmed that he has largely avoided consuming the media, but he has heard criticism from the past few days. Foda left it open whether he felt it unfair that there was normal satisfaction even after EM two months ago and is now demanding his transfer fee. “It’s part of the business. In football there’s a lot of mood swings in both directions, you have to accept that and respect that.”

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Foda dismissed reports of an allegedly difficult relationship between the coach and the players. “On my part, I have a very good relationship with the team.” The coach got support in this matter from David Alaba. “If we didn’t have a good relationship with our coach, we wouldn’t have been able to play a European Championship like this.” The Real Madrid professional also said: “The relationship is still good and the atmosphere within the team is good.”

According to Alaba, the mindset was fine in Israel. The 29-year-old said, “When you look at how we marched, we took possession of the balls in the opposing half so the attitude was there.” The defeat was due to defensive mistakes and usury, Viennese explained. “We have to correct simple mistakes and use the opportunities in front,” demanded Alaba, who is considering a tough match against the Scots. “But we know our potential and want to be successful.”

World Cup Qualification, Group F

Tuesday, 8.45 pm:

Live in ORF1

Austria – Scotland

Vienna, Happel Stadium, SR Kabaco (BUL)

Austria: Bachmann – Ilsunker, Dragovic, Hinteregger – Trimmel, Laimer, Grylitsch, Alaba – Schaub, Baumgartner – Arnautovic

Scotland: Gordon – Hendry, Hanley, Tierney – O’Donnell, Gilmour, McGregor, Robertson – Dykes, McGinn Adams

Scotland can’t be compared to Israel

Looking at the current coaching buzz, the sports aspect almost faded into the background in the last press conference. Scotland play a similar system as Israel with three central defenders, but according to Foda the two teams can only be compared to a limited extent.

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“The bulkheads are very strong, play very long deliveries and are dangerous by the standards. It’s a powerful team, it’s about doubles and second balls, we have to prepare for that. We’re under pressure,” Foda said But we know they often play long balls.”

the back remains open three or four

The team’s boss left the system question unanswered, but explained that Scotland had a problem with Saturday’s 1-0 win against Moldovan, which played with three central defenders. The Danes, who are usually always with the back four, also replaced three central defenders in a 2-0 win against the Scots last week. Foda declared, compared to the Israeli game, that he would “definitely make one change or the other.”

Whatever the starting line-up and system, mistakes like Haifa should be avoided as much as possible. “Every player knows what mistakes have been made. We addressed this calmly and with the necessary fairness, but that is already clear in the details,” Foda pointed out.

Scotland coach’s honor retained

Scottish team boss Steve Clark showed great respect for the Austrian team before the duel in Vienna. The FB selection is of high quality, so don’t be blinded by 2:5 in Haifa in this regard. “It was a very strange game. Austria could have scored three, four, five goals in the first half, Israel was freezing,” said Clarke.

The 58-year-old also added: “Austrians will watch the game and wonder why they didn’t win.” The “unexpected results” changed the dynamics in the group, Clark said. The coach prepares his team for a highly motivated opponent. “They have a very good team, they showed up at the European Championships, where they caused big problems for Italy. They definitely want to show on Tuesday that they are better than the result against Israel.”

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