World Cup qualification: image improvement aims at Hinteregger

World Cup qualification: image improvement aims at Hinteregger

“The job of us players in the two games is to calm down a bit on the issue of coaching,” Hinteregger said. “It’s definitely going to be winning there, which won’t be easy, but we have to win.” As for image and atmosphere, the 29-year-old does not consider Saturday’s guest appearance in Torshavn, but one three days later in Copenhagen to be more significant.

The OFB team has lost three out of the last four qualifying matches. In September, after a tough 2–0 win in Moldova, it set a 2:5 in Israel and 0:1 against Scotland. “Results have not been perfect lately. Our behavior was not exactly the way we played the ball,” Hinteregger said. “We know that, we have to change that.”

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Martin Hinteregger wants successes to give team boss Franco Foda quiet time again

Denmark’s game will be ‘very difficult’

Sometimes not much was left. Against Scotland, the Carinthians caused a game-winning penalty. In Israel you have made “too many silly, unnecessary mistakes” to keep the ball in your possession. “It runs like a thread. But it often doesn’t take long to reverse it completely,” said the Frankfurt Legionnaire. “It is often a resounding victory – perhaps against the Dane. Then you feel like we’ve beaten the great Denmark and suddenly you have something completely different on your mind.”

An away win against European Championship semi-finalists, who were flawless in the World Cup qualifiers and lost 4-0 in Vienna in March, also seems necessary to keep alive the chances of a second place in the group. Hinteregger: “Of course it will be extremely difficult. But if we want to finish second, which is to be the goal, we have to score three points even in this difficult game.” And the current second Scotland will have to lose points.

The honor of the very best Faroese tactically

For the time being, the focus is on the preparation of the Faroe Islands anyway. On Thursday afternoon we trained in the rain and artificial turf in Vienna. Hintergeger sees no harm in the unfamiliar ground on which Torschwan is played. “When the course is really wet, it’s great to play. That makes the game quicker, which is an advantage for us. It’s better to play on artificial turf than on a 1,000-hole course.”

The Faroe Islands are a tactically very well-adjusted team, as they proved in their 0–1 victory against Denmark in September. “We have already come up with a plan, how can we get to the back of the series, how can we score. It also has to be implemented this way,” Hinteger demanded. He considers the Faroese better than Group Bottom Moldova, not least because of his tactical discipline. “It is an imperative task, it is logical. But it is also clear that it will not be a sure success.”

New neighbor in central defense

The loss of points, as the Austrians have faced twice against the Faroe Islands (1990 and 2008), would probably be the beginning of the end of team boss Franco Foda for good. “We can only stop the discussion by showing the results, by winning,” Hinteriger said. He must be successful in spite of ten failures. For example, Hinteragar has a new man next to him in central defense. Alexander Dragovic is absent due to a CoV infection, his first replacement was Philippe Leonhardt due to an acute dental operation.

“Everyone knows how much I appreciate Drago, how well we do on the pitch. Of course, it makes me sad that he is not there, ”said Hinteregger. But this is a chance for the new players to prove themselves and play in the limelight. The 62-time international said, “It will be a good thing that good new youngsters join us again.” “Many have already proved at the club that they can do this. It would be nice if you showed it now.”

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