World Cup qualification: Italy still handing out tickets

World Cup qualification: Italy still handing out tickets

There are now nine European World Cup starters. Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Serbia and Croatia had already participated in the December tournament. Like Portugal, Sweden and Russia, Italy will have to go the extra mile. A reunion with the Austrian national team is possible. The draw will take place on 26 November in Zurich.

Italy’s fickle break after winning the European Championship continued in Belfast. Symbolic: Lorenzo Insigne called up Roberto Mancini as center forward, completely ineffective against the strong Northern Irish defensive bar.

Italy to go to play-offs

Italy did not overtake Northern Ireland 0–0. With the second group ranked, the Italians advance to the play-offs.

The third-placed Northern Irishman around Johnny Evans showed famous qualities and came clean in all four qualifying home games. Italy found no solution. Therefore a second consecutive World Cup is possible without Italy.

Okafor as a Swiss Pioneer

Switzerland went through in a long-distance duel. The Swiss must either score more points than the European champions in Northern Ireland or have at least two goals more. Okafor’s header from Xherdan Shaqiri’s cross led the way (48th).

AP / Keystone / Alessandro della Valle

Okafor’s opening goal puts Switzerland a decisive step closer to a World Cup ticket

The Salzburg striker had already pointed to pole with a flick (45th). Shaqiri also failed later in the linkage (55th), with Rubén Vargas making a powerful early decision (57th). Cedric Itten scored a “lid” (72nd), Remo Fryler (91st) in stoppage time.

Switzerland qualified for the World Cup

Switzerland beat Bulgaria 4–0, making it the group winner ahead of Italy.

England plays with San Marino

England’s participation in the World Cup was decided in the gentle cycle. It was 6:0 already at the break, with Harry Kane tying up a four-pack in under a quarter of an hour. The goalkeeper scored the same number of goals as Gary Lineker (48).

England handle San Marino

England celebrated a 10–0 victory in San Marino. Captain Harry Kane contributed a four-pack to England’s two-point victory.

Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale made a soft team start at Cerravalle. San Marino also lost its 36th home game of World Cup qualification since a 0–0 victory against Turkey in 1993.

Denmark’s first defeat

Scotland missed out to Denmark 2–0 (1–0), Austria having qualified right in Group F. Hits from John Souter (35th) and Che Adamas (86th) made up the difference.

Scotland inflicted their first defeat on Denmark

Denmark had to concede defeat for the first and only time at the end of World Cup qualification. Scotland beat the Danes 2-0.

Israel took a 2–0 lead in a 3–2 (1–0) win against the Faroe Islands. The Israelites were looked after by Willibald Rattensteiner after goals from ex-Salzburg Munas Dabber (30th/penalty) and ex-WAC striker Shaun Weisman (58th), who already looked like the definitive winner, but were defeated by Dor Pertz (58th). 74th).) Thanks to the greater number of hits to eventually finish third and thus ahead of Austria.

Israel successful against Faroe Islands

In the Austria group, Israel took third place. Willie Rattensteiner’s team defeated the Faroe Islands 3-2.

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