World Cup qualification: Ronaldo takes too long from idiot to hero

World Cup qualification: Ronaldo takes too long from idiot to hero

Gavin Bazunu saved Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty. Image: Keystone

From zero to hero – Ronaldo goes from idiot to hero too late

Group A

Portugal 2-1 Ireland

What a turbulent evening for Cristiano Ronaldo. Against Ireland, the Portuguese superstar is lucky in the early stages that he doesn’t see a red card for violent behavior leading to a penalty.

Cristiano Ronaldo attack. Video: streamable

Ronaldo got the receipt anyway – he failed with his penalty against Irish goalkeeper Gavin Bazunu.

Ronaldo missed a penalty. Video: streamable

For Portugal, things go awry after a while: John Egan scored after a corner to give Ireland the lead.

0:1 (45.) by Egan Video: streamja

When everything looks like a nightmare for Cristiano Ronaldo, this explains why he is one of the best strikers in history. He moved to the draw in the 89th minute and came back on the head with Portugal’s final attack.

1:1 (89.) by Ronaldo Video: streamja

2:1 (96.) by Ronaldo Video: streamja

Portugal – Ireland 2:1 (0:1)
Almanac. – SR Jag (SLO). –
Tor: 45. Egan 0:1. 89. Ronaldo 1:1. 96. Ronaldo 2:1. –
Comments: 15. Goalkeeper Bajunu (Ire) scored a foul penalty for Ronaldo.

Group D

France 1-1 Bosnia

Three days after the highly controversial dismissal at the Swiss hit game Basel – YB, top Swiss referee Sandro Scherer also received a red card from his back pocket in Strasbourg. He showed it to France’s full-back Jules Coundé, who committed a rude foul 50 minutes after the game against Bosnia-Herzegovina. From there the world champion only managed to hold a 1–1 draw.

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France – Bosnia-Herzegovina 1: 1 (1: 1)
Strasbourg. – SR Sharer (SUI).
tore off: 36. Zeco 0:1. 40. Griezmann 1:1.
France: loris; Kaunde, Varane, Kimpembe, Digne; Veretout (53. Dubois), Pogba, Lemar (46. Tchouameni); Benzema (76. Marshall), Griezmann (76. Koman), Mbappe (91. Diaby).
Comments: Bosnia-Herzegovina without Stevanovic (serve/option). 51. Red card against Kaunde (wrong).

group F.

The teams from this summer’s European Championship finals duel in Copenhagen. Denmark beat Scotland 2-0 in the first quarter of an hour thanks to a double strike. Defender Daniel Vaas and Joaquim Mahle scored within a minute. Israel and Austria also won without scoring any goals.

Denmark – Scotland 2: 0 (2: 0)
Copenhagen. – SR Hetegen (ROU).
tore off: 14. Vas 1: 0. 15. Mahle 2-0.

Faroe Islands – Israel 0:4 (0:2)
Torshavan. – SR Higler (NED).
tore off: 12. Jahvi 0:1. 44. Jahvi 0: 2. 52. Dabur 0:3. 92.Jahvi 0:4.

Moldova – Austria 0: 2 (0: 1)
Chisinau. – SR Tierney (England). –
Tor: 45 Baumgartner 0-1. 94. Arnautovic 0-2.

0:1 (45.) by Baumgartner Video: streamja

group g

Louis van Gaal began his third term as Bond coach with only half the success. The Netherlands will play 1-1 against Norway in World Cup qualification in Oslo.

The Norway national team has been chronically unsuccessful. The last time Scandinavians participated in a World Cup or European Championship final was 22 years ago (EM2000 in Belgium and the Netherlands). But they have excellent individualists. The best of them, Erling Haaland, gave the Norwegian an early lead. Davy Klaasen equalized before the break.

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Norway – Netherlands 1: 1 (1: 1)
Oslo. – SR Marciniak (POL). –
Toure: 20. Haaland 1: 0. 37. Class 1: 1.

1:1 (37th) by Klaasen Video: streamja

Latvia – Gibraltar 3:1 (0:0)
Riga. – SR Orel (CZE).
tore off: 50. Gutkowski (guilty punishment) 1: 0. 71. De Barr 1:1. 85. Gutkowski 2 : 1. 89. Gypsy 2 : 1.

Turkey – Montenegro 2: 2 (2: 1)
Istanbul. – SR Bastian (FRA). –
tore off: 9. Under 1:0. 31. Printer 2:0. 40. Marusic 2:0. 97. Radunovic 2:2.

group h.

Malta – Cyprus 3:0 (1:0)
Ta’ black. – SR Mareska (ITA).
tore off: 44. Attard 1: 0. 46. ​​Mbong 2: 0. 53. Attard 3: 0. –
Comments: 40. Yellow-red card against Soterio (Cyprus).

Russia 0-0 Croatia
Moscow. – SR Renschreiber (ISR).

Slovenia – Slovakia 1: 1 (1: 1)
Ljubljana. – SR Kovacs (ROU).
tore off: 32. Bogenic 0: 1. 42. Stojanovic 1: 1. –
Comments: Slovenia with Lovrik (Lugano).

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