Worthy and host country, Scotland forgets Kovid-19 for an evening

Worthy and host country, Scotland forgets Kovid-19 for an evening

Bagpipes, for the glory of the song coach, “Scotland flower“Located at the top of the lung: aScotland Played a thousand victory tunes to celebrate on thursday His qualification for the euroTheir first major tournament since the 1998 World Cup, some of which will be played in 2021 in Glasgow.

Despite Kovid-19, which forced organizers to postpone Euro-2020 for a year from 11 June to 11 July 2021, and still impose their procession of sanctions, affecting Great Britain The health crisis has appeared far beyond the Scots. For at least one evening.

In the heart of Glasgow, the city of Celtic FC And Rangers Which is one of twelve host cities designated by UEFA across Europe, about fifty supporters were filmed climbing a statue.

We have steve clark“, They shouted in a video published on the newspaper The Herald’s website, minutes after the impeccable penalty shootout (no failure on five attempts, winning 5 tabs 4) that qualified the Scottish coach and his men for their first Euro. Was. Since 1996.

In Edinburgh, supporters attacked rooftops, bare chests, to celebrate victory there by singing and dancing with the voice of a bagpipe, according to a video. “Scottish Sun“.

And what would happen without the party “Scotland flower“; At Falkirk in central Scotland, the tune that counted as an anthem in the British nation was trumpeted by Jubilee fans until the day’s moot.


Equally encouraging, the Scottish Prime Minister Nikola Sturgeon No less than 26 Scottish flags on their Twitter account to celebrate eligibility. In the same publication, the leader slipped an old video of his celebration, clenched his fist, the defeat of a political opponent in the last British legislative elections. Another brilliant Scotsman, this is also an angry fist and in the video the tennis player Andy Murray Congratulations on his social network “Shiny“Compatriots”.

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In the north of Scotland, where health restrictions are less stringent, supporters were able to gather in the pub to watch their selection in the 52nd minute, before being caught at the climax by Serbia’s goal saved Luka Jovich In the 90s.

Blue and White fans have time to watch two overtime sessions and penalties before returning home, with the curfew being set at 22:30 GMT or … five minutes after the result.

Because Kovid-19 has its own reasons that ignore the passion of supporters. On Aberdeen, Police intervened thus that a group of fans still gathered at the pub at 22:00 GMT.

“No Scotland, No Party”

Since the onset of the epidemic, the virus has caused nearly 80,000 pollution and more than 3,000 deaths in a nation of about 5.5 million people, according to data released by authorities on Thursday.

On 2 November, the latter implemented five levels of sanctions against Kovid-19, ranging in number from 0 (some ban) to 4 (maximum ban). Each district of Scotland receives its own numbers according to its epidemic status – Aberdeen is thus at level 2, Glasgow and Edinburgh at level 3.

The virus is not resting“, gotta have you Susan WebbDirector of Public Health for the Grampian region (around Aberdeen).

I heard about the video shared on social media, apparently shot in Aberdeen during the game of Scotland“Thursday evening, alarmed the manager, who said he understood the desire to celebrate this historical merit, saying the risk of contamination with the Kovid-19 was high.

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I think they are young and want to celebrate Scotland’s first qualifying for a big tournament in 22 years – but we have to carry out these measures“The Battle Against the Virus,” a witness remarked of the scenes of happiness in Glasgow, quoted by The Herald.

But after such a long wait, the urge to come to terms with national pride was overwhelming for the selection, posting a video on Friday morning showing Steve Clarke’s group Caterpillar generously around the stocks.

Their legend? “No scotland no party“(No Scotland, no party).

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