You’ll Never Believe What Food the Royals Like to Order

You'll Never Believe What Food the Royals Like to Order

When you imagine how the royals had dinner like this, you think of the delicious dining tables that have long been beautifully laid out. But why shouldn’t Kate, William & Co. want some junk food, too? The royal family also orders something from the delivery service from time to time – even if things are a little different for them than for us.

Delicious: This is the food royals love to order

Duchess Kate once told BBC radio how much she loves ordering curry – but she lets her staff pick it up. Even at that time it was said that William was not so keen on spicy food. However, years later, he appeared as a Curry fan for the “Podcast That’s Peter Crouch”. William even admitted to Radio 1 that it would be difficult for him to choose between pizza and Chinese food.

And Prince William’s list doesn’t end there. Looks like he orders something from the snack bar too often! In the BBC documentary “Football, Prince William and Our Mental Health” he also admitted: “Everyone loves Nando!“- Nandos is a South African fast food chain. Do its kids too What do George, Charlotte and Louis like to eat?

Queen Elizabeth II also periodically sends her staff out to get something from the snack bar, according to “The Sun”. The Queen really loves to eat – how could it be otherwise in England – fish and chips!

Queen Elizabeth II jokes about herself

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According to “The Mirror”, Prince Harry is said to have been joined by his older brother and regularly ordered from Nandos. There she must especially like chicken pita with extra cheese.

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Although Duchess Meghan is known for her healthy lifestyle, she has to eat fast food at times. She once told “Best Health Canada”: “I could eat french fries all day.

During a visit to Scotland, Prince Charles recognized himself as a great pizza lover. His favorite type of pizza is the Margherita, as he explained to Head Chef Erminio Di Meo. He would give her a pizza in the crowd in St. Boswells.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

Prince Charles Queen Elizabeth


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