Zlatko Dalik (Croatia): “I want to defend my dignity and my pride”

Zlatko Dalik (Croatia):

“Did you appreciate the pride of your team, especially after the Scottish equalizer?
I would like to congratulate my team after this wonderful match and qualifying for the next round. We controlled the game against a very aggressive opponent who had been playing for a long time. With small mistakes we brought him back in the game but then we corrected it.

We managed to calm down and we knew it was just a matter of time before scoring the second goal. It was not easy, especially with a lot of pressure from the last ten days. […] These past ten days have been crazy (with reference to criticism in the press) And today I want to protect my dignity and my pride. We are all very proud of this victory.

“The most important thing is to have our supporters in the stadium”

You’ll face the second of Group E in the eighth in Copenhagen. Is Wednesday your priority before this group result?
We do not have any specific wish, the most important thing is that our supporters should be present in the stadium. We are much better with them, they are our strength. The important thing for us is to maximize our confidence.

How do you explain why Luka Modric (35) and Ivan Perisic (32) have remained so decisive for Croatia despite the passage of time?
They have shown tonight that they can do it. Luca scored a brilliant goal, against Argentina (in 2018). Both are still full of willpower, inspiration and they showed that […]. No one knows how Luca keeps playing like this. You’d expect him to fall, lose his energy, but he’s still the force that drives the whole team. All that can be said about them is below reality. I am proud to have such a player in our team. “

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