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Recently, due to personal information and privacy issues, many people have decided to switch to other communication software. Today, some people have cracked WhatsApp network security issues. Links to some WhatsApp private groups can be found through Google search. Phone numbers and personal avatars can also be searched. Fortunately, they are now fixed.

Cyberspace researcher Rajasekhar Rajaharia informed foreign media gadgets 360 that he found that around 1,500 WhatsApp group invitation links appeared in Google search results, and everyone could join the group through these links. This problem occurred in early November 2019. After a security officer reported the problem to Facebook, it was quickly resolved. Some engineers said that WhatsApp added the label “noindex” to the group via invite links, and give it to Google so that they don’t show tagged links in search results.

However, Rajasekhar Rajgharia stated that this is not a best practice as this method is time-efficient and the invite link will reappear in the search results after a few months. He reported that WhatsApp has not added “robots” to chat.hatsapp.com. txt “file, so the link will appear in Google search results. Web developers typically use a” robots.txt “file to tell search engines which pages can be searched and which should not be indexed.

Apart from the group invite link, WhatsApp personal communication link can also be found in Google search. They found that about 5,000 personal communication links can be found. This method is similar to a group invitation link. Everyone can use the link. Check the user profile picture and chat. It is reported that this problem has been around for some time, but WhatsApp has fixed the problem in June last year without releasing relevant details. Rajasekhar Rajaharia reported that api.whatsapp.com does not include a “robots.txt” file.

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After the WhatsApp message is received, it is processed quickly. Currently, no group invitation link and personal communication link can be found in Google search, except for links that some users publish to the Internet. WhatsApp also released a statement stating that since March 2020, WhatsApp has added the “noindex” tag to all links. At the time, Google stated that it would not add this tag to search results. It has now re-informed Google to avoid the problem. The same incident happened again. WhatsApp reminds users that as long as someone joins the group, everyone in the group will also receive a notification, and administrators can cancel or change the invitation link at any time. Individual users should not publish invitation links on public websites.

And yesterday the president of Facebook Greater China in Facebook reactionRegarding the issue of updating the privacy policy of WhatsApp recently, it was mentioned that all personal messages, group communications, voice, and video conversations of WhatsApp are encrypted end-to-end, but today many WhatsApp Users’ phone numbers have surfaced. Unknowingly, their personal avatar was put in a Google search, showing that the user’s personal avatar was not encrypted, leaving people more concerned about WhatsApp’s privacy protection capabilities.


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