10-digit route: ARTCI alert on unauthorized conversion applications

10-digit route: ARTCI alert on unauthorized conversion applications

Abidjan (Cte d’Ivoire) – The Cte ​​d’Ivoire Telecom / ICT Services Regulatory Authority (ARTCI) on Monday alerted the population to unauthorized downloadable applications to facilitate the conversion of 8 to 10-digit telephone numbers.

“It comes back to us again and again that downloadable applications are made available to the public to facilitate the conversion of telephone numbers”, to the passage of 8 to 10 digits in smartphones, ARTCI indicated in a press release Does.

Telecom and ICT sector regulator at ARTI, Cte dIvoire, said, “To date, there is no mandate to act on its behalf in relation to such applications, apart from telephony from operators that do this for their customers “.

It reminded developers that such applications require legal provisions relating to the protection of personal data and digital security.

The regulator notes that the implementation of such an application must follow the principles of the new 10-digit numbering scheme which must be strictly observed when designing them.

Consequently, it calls for vigilance of the entire population, inviting them to consult its website to learn about the practical provisions related to the change of the national numbering scheme.

However, ARTCI assures users of telecommunications services that it will “provide them an application in keeping with the provisions and principles of the new numbering”.

The State of the D’Ivoire has decided to pass eight to ten-digit telephone numbers from January 31, 2021 because the numbers allocated to operators were reaching the block saturation point.

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