10 Gbps speed: 10 Gbps speed is possible in India, download full movie in few seconds – possible 10 Gbps speed after 4 GPS is available in India

10 Gbps speed: 10 Gbps speed is possible in India, download full movie in few seconds - possible 10 Gbps speed after 4 GPS is available in India
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Pune: Nowadays, if you want to download up to 1 GB of movies or part of webseries in your mobile, it takes about two to two and a half hours. But with the advent of FiveG, it will be possible in a few seconds. The fiveG network launched in the country will have an internet speed of ten Gbps (gigabytes per second), telecom experts have claimed. The new technology, which is expected to be introduced in the country, will have a major impact on all standards of mobile Internet and will also bring many changes in the lifestyle of users.

Considering the current mobile connectivity and Internet network, the success of connectivity is determined by the parameters of download speed, upload speed, latency (time required to access a file device). Although the forge network is available in the country including Maharashtra, currently the performance of all these standards is not very satisfactory. This is why there are many barriers for citizens to use the Internet continuously in terms of video, gaming, video calls, file downloading. FiveG technology will overcome all these obstacles and move closer to virtual reality. With the development of this technology, it will be possible to communicate in real time anywhere in the world.

Keeping in mind the five G technology for mobile and civil use, citizens will have about ten to twelve times more internet speed than the present. Therefore, the next time a file is downloaded, ‘buffering’ will not occur in FiveG. In addition, FiveG technology will also bring major changes in the field of mobile gaming, and even large capacity games will be able to run on mobile easily. FiveG technology will also have an impact on the media and entertainment sector, with TV, OTT and entertainment devices around the world using mobile phones with fiveG.

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What is ‘five ji’?

Five G is the fifth generation ‘technology. In which human life will be made easier with the help of technology. The future phase of this technology is that many of the daily tasks of humans will be done with the help of machines. In which two concepts of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Virtual Reality’ will be used more.

Change in mobile internet

– Internet speed will be up to 10 Gbps.

– Latency (duration of accessing mobile) one mini second.

– Large capacity games can run easily.

– Video call, conference in real time possible.

Vigorous preparations are underway across the country for FiveG technology. Telecom companies have contracted various foreign companies to test the technology. Work is also going on in IITs across the country. These tests will be started soon. This year, fiveG will definitely bring a different experience for citizens in terms of mobile internet and connectivity.

– Dr. Milind Pandey, Telecom Specialist


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