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With regard to energy supply, there is currently a sharp rise in prices and a greater fear of failure in winter, and environmental considerations are taking a back seat in the short term. However, for some longer periods, Course for a renewable and at the same time secure supply placed. And according to a new study by a Stanford University team, a 100 percent switch to the entire world could be achieved without new miracle technologies and would have paid for itself in six years.

100% wind-water-solar

The energy study for 145 countries, which account for 99.7 percent of today’s CO emissions, was led by Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor of engineering at Stanford University. A technical paper on this has been published in the journal Energy and Environmental Science, a freely accessible summary jacobson wrote For publication The Hill.

According to this, it would cost a total of a whopping $62 trillion to completely switch to “wind-water-solar” energy systems around the world, with storage primarily in electric batteries. Even if the cost is 50 percent higher than the estimate, the total cost of conversion will increase by only 3.2 percent. And despite the large amount, according to Jacobson, it will quickly pay for itself: in financial terms alone, $62 trillion will be recovered in less than six years because renewable energy saves $11 trillion a year.

On the one hand, this savings includes the fact that less energy is required – according to the article, if renewable energy is generated and more economical consumption is used, global demand drops by 56 percent. Electric cars, heat pumps for heating, efficiently electrified industries and the elimination of the need to produce fossil fuels play an important role in this. In addition, energy per unit should become cheaper by an average of 12 per cent, resulting in a 63 per cent reduction in total costs per year. If you include the health and climate benefits, the world could also have 92 percent lower energy costs annually.

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A time of golden energy after an acute crisis?

Jacobson summarizes that in each of the 145 countries examined, a complete energy transition is possible without failures and at low cost almost exclusively using existing technologies. According to him, only solutions that equally addressed air pollution, global warming and security of supply were included. Combustion with CO2 capture, did not require complex techniques such as blue hydrogen or nuclear power and proved less beneficial than expected. In the long term, it seems the world is on the verge of a time of golden energy – Europe in particular has mastered the acute crisis.


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