2 bitcoin giants are among the top 100 most influential companies in the world

2 bitcoin giants are among the top 100 most influential companies in the world

The impact of crypto is growing – Time magazine has released its new ranking of 100 companies considered the most influential on the planet in 2021. It turns out that two of them are cryptosphere companies: Investment Fund Digital Currency Group (Grayscale) and Coinbase Crypto Exchange.

Digital Currency Group wants to bring cryptos to all

Famous magazine Time a Published Its annual ranking on 27 April is called «100 Most Influential Companies». Thus we get to know that world famous giants like Tesla, Samsung, Alibaba, Microsoft or even Google appear with from them The companies From the bitcoin sector and Crypto-assets.

Digital currency group First in the category of companies is classified “Disruptive“(Disruptive), And with smaller Punchline Introductory “Return Mainstream Cryptocurrency “.

Name of this groupVenture capital investment It may not be well known about the cryptosphere, but there are a few companies in its investment portfolio that will likely speak more for cryptocurrency.

Thus, digital currency is grouped as Subsidiary companies :

  • Grayscale investment, Is well known for Crypto-investment fund Sure Bitcoin (B T c), Ethereum (ETH) and many others;
  • Coinedesque, The English-speaking information site on cryptocurrency.

“Digital currency group destroys crypto-assets for investors. (…) In January 2020, Grayscale’s bitcoin trust became the first fully digital currency-backed financial product to be reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission – opening as such [la cryptopshère] For more potential investors ”

Description du time magazine

Coinbase has become necessary after its IPO.

In category “TitansAmong the top 100 companies is crypto-exchange Coinbase By Brian Armstrong, with Punchline “Strengthen the credibility of crypto”.

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Listing on NASDAQ Stock Exchange Action COIN There has been a lot of coinbase noteNot only in the crypto community, but also in classic finance, which has a valuation Tens of billions of dollars Which surprised more than one.

“This year has been huge for cryptocurrencies, but nothing has been as significant as Coinbase’s listing on April 14 (…) an exchange where 56 million users buy and sell bitcoins and many more. (…) With a valuation of approximately $ 86 billion, Coinbase is the most valuable US stock exchange, and gives cryptocurrency increased credibility against Wall Street ”

Time magazine

In March, TIME debuted some covers of its magazine as NFT and then on April 19 Accept bitcoin And other cryptos as a means of subscription (thanks to partnering with Crypto.com) Belongs to. With the arrival of these 2 crypto-companies in its top 100, TIME shows us once again that it considers cryptocurrency as an asset class in itself.

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