200,000 euro investment with mentoring support for domestic startup Tapani

200,000 euro investment with mentoring support for domestic startup Tapani

The initiative “Digital Serbia” announced today that the entrepreneurs it collects will realize the first investment, through which, in addition to a financial investment of 200,000 euros, they can provide mentoring assistance to the founders of the domestic startup Taapani access to their network of contacts. and provide access.

The founders of that startup announced, as stated, that they would use the financial support to strengthen the team and enter new markets, but also that as part of the agreement, they would continue to expand their startup business. will be taken from Austria to Serbia. .

“We have gathered a group of people who do not have professional investors, but are successful business people in the digital economy space, who want to support startup teams from the very beginning, when they need it most and Let them wind your back and invest in ‘smart money’,” he said. One of the investors is Sasa Popovic.

He said this means that “the money they invest will carry far greater value with them in the form of a network of knowledge and contacts.”

“We would invite Tapani to learn from our successes, not the mistakes we made and thereby accelerate their development,” said Popovic, a member of the board of directors and co-founder of the “Digital Serbia” initiative. Novi Sad Company Vega IT.

Startup Taapsee was created with the aim of changing the way people network and almost completely eliminating paper business cards, as any smartphone attached to a user’s Tapani card, pendant or sticker, can display their contact information and The social media profile appears on the screen automatically. .

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So far, Tapani has already achieved great success in Germany, Austria, and countries in South America, and the founders of that startup are Mihajlo Nikodijevic, Milo icevic and Alexander Nikodijevic.


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