2020 was a turning point for digital technologies – companies and markets – economy

2020 was a turning point for digital technologies - companies and markets - economy

For the field of digital technologies, the year ending was one of the 2020 turning points. Many people have tried digital technologies this year before the new coronovirus epidemic. This was stated by Peter Sinack, President of the Scientific Council of the Center for Artificial Intelligence. During social distance, technology made it possible to work remotely, study from home and even play games from the shop, experience culture or even from the comfort of home.

“The year 2020 was marked by further development of Artificial Intelligence applications, particularly with the impact on expanding 5G networks and increasing data volumes, and thus big data analytics and technologies related to security and data management in world governments Increasing the importance of, ”said Cinque. . He cited blockchain technology as an example, which is being used for various ways to secure systems related to state administration of selected cities, or citizens’ data. “The importance of big data is still growing and the creation of expert databases from experts is also under development,” Scenic said.

The year of the new coronovirus epidemic also brought the process of deploying artificial intelligence into the creation of chatbot agents in dialog systems, voice verification, and other methods of system identification. According to Signcock, there has also been progress in the field of artificial intelligence fusion in social networks, where they are used to create integral platforms for payments without credit cards, for example facial recognition.

As Sincock concluded, some states viewed the epidemic as a challenge, but this is not so for Slovakia. In many countries, school facilities have also been improved for homework, distance learning connections, and hybrid access to teaching. At the same time, in some countries, the drug has been entered into protocols for the use of artificial intelligence in the analysis of X-ray, CT or MGR image data. Sinić said, “Robotic medicine is evolving, where robotic platforms such as Da Vinci are used by experts in the field for remote operations. It says there is only one robot operator in Slovakia and according to that, such workplaces There is no clear attempt to complete the network of.

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As Peter Kolesar, a member of the board of directors of the American Chamber of Commerce and a participant in CIVITTA, was added, the year 2020 also influenced the business world. “Most non-manufacturing companies have gotten used to using work more from home and related communication platforms,” ​​explained Colesar, as companies’ interactions with customers shifted to the online space and the epidemic hit the digitization and automation industry Is also pressurized.

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