2021 iPad Pro CAD model allegedly leaked by MySmartPrice

2021 iPad Pro CAD model allegedly leaked by MySmartPrice

Rumor monger Of New ipad pro Start taking seriously because they prevent vague descriptions Concrete description. It’s their case CAD plan That you can see in the image above, that According to MySmartPrice They correspond to the next generation of tablets that should see the light this spring.

The plans are for the 11-inch model, and at first glance they are very similar to the current model. Same exterior designR, a few millimeters in length squeezing the screen bezels. The camera will remain the same, although its bulge will be less relative to the overall thickness of the iPad.

What matters inside

Cad ipad pro 2021 3

Internally, there will be more changes: Internal speaker layout will change (We may have fewer of them), and is based on chip A14 Present in iphone 12 It will offer a substantial increase in the power of the current generation of the iPad Pro.

At the moment the rumors are still misleading: We can see a simple update of both sizes Ipad pro, Then look at a completely different new model that is equipped with mini LED screens destined for the highest class of tablets. Or maybe That mini led screen It becomes part of all iPad Pro models, marking a generational change in that panel.

We should start seeing such leaks again and again, so we will be on the lookout for any rumors coming from Asian sources.


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