3 iPhone Models That Are Old But Still Great Are Worth Buying Because They Aren’t Too Expensive Now

3 iPhone Models That Are Old But Still Great Are Worth Buying Because They Aren't Too Expensive Now

Saturday, October 30, 2021 at 19:00 (GMT+7)

Although these iPhone models are several years old, they are still very popular due to their good performance and reasonable prices.

iPhone 8 Plus – 8.3 million VND

As a device that is 2 years old, the iPhone 8 Plus is not an optimal choice right now. Hence, the device is ranked only 7/7 in the list.

The device has many advanced features, such as wireless charging, Apple A11 chip, good quality camera, but iPhone 8 Plus is not a bargain at the moment, especially when compared to iPhone 8 Plus. iPhone XR Hi iPhone X.

iPhone XS Max – 12.3 million VND

The iPhone Xs Max is a great device in many ways. However, there are two problems with this machine: it is very large in size and equally “huge” is priced.

Owning a screen bigger than any iPhone, but that’s not necessarily a great thing with the iPhone Xs Max. Even with the assist feature enabled, you will not be able to use the machine with one hand.

However, it’s still a powerful device with Apple’s new A12 Bionic chip, a surprisingly good camera, beautiful OLED display, and notably a pretty copper color.

3 iPhone Models That Are Old But Still Great, Worth Buying Because They Aren't Too Expensive Now

iPhone XS – 9.9 million VND

This is a great iPhone with a big and beautiful OLED screen, high quality camera and classy looks.

The latest features like wireless charging, water resistance, Face ID are also equipped, apart from making up for the major shortcoming of the Xs Max is the issue of size.

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3 Older But Still Very Good iPhone Models Worth Buying Because They're Not Too Expensive Now

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