333 hp – shows the concept of Volkswagen Electric GTI

333 hp - shows the concept of Volkswagen Electric GTI

Volkswagen has showcased the ID.3 GTX, a sporty electric drive model compared to the GTI internal combustion engine.

The Volkswagen ID.3 GTX is a sporty concept endowed with a 333 hp electric motor and is 200 kg lighter than the standard model. Such a car is just a concept, but it also reveals the serious intentions of Volkswagen in this direction, so, according to German journalists, the ID.3 GTX series model will not have to wait long.

Even more because the ID.3 GTX is designed using standard car parts and solutions, such as an ID.4 GTX (ID.3 – 62 kWh) to 82 kWh battery or all-wheel drive, also called ID Is borrowed .4 (all id. 3 are rear-wheel drive).

The ID.3 GTX concept is 200 kg lighter than the standard model, but the mobility is much better for the two electric motors. Cars reach 100 km / h in 5.3 seconds, making it faster than the ID.3 Pro S (7.3) and ID.4 GTX (6.2).

The visual emphasis is placed on a matte gray body with colored rings in the “eyes” of green-yellow pieces, 21-inch wheels and headlights. In the cabin, designers have followed a similar color scheme, including bucket seats, which are standard for all ID models.

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