3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2: 50% faster Qualcomm’s new fingerprint sensor – Qualcomm

3D Sonic Sensor Gen 2: 50% faster Qualcomm's new fingerprint sensor - Qualcomm

Larger, faster and more accurate, this phone will continue in front and down the screen.

Qualcomm has announced the new and improved fingerprint sensor 3D sonic sensor Gen 2 for the smartphone.

According to the company, it will be 77% larger, 50% faster and will detect almost twice as much biometric data than a first-generation 3D sonic sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S20 used its first-generation sensors, so it’s possible to see it in the rumored Galaxy S21 and really soon, as the Galaxy Unpacked 2021 is just around the corner. Samsung is probably Qualcomm’s most valuable partner in this area, as many mobile manufacturers prefer Synaptics or Goodix solutions for their phones.

In the past, such sensors were quite small in size and required a very careful finger by the user, which was clearly not an easy task as there was no obvious mounting space as they were located under the screen glass. As the size of the sensor increases, it is certain that touching the finger will make it more difficult to touch a point that does not serve to read the fingerprint.

For comparison, the first generation 3D sonic sensors had dimensions of 9 mm x 4 mm and the new would have dimensions of 8 mm x 8 mm, taking advantage of twice the vertical field.

In December 2019, the company also announced the 3D Sonic Max, which had huge dimensions of 30 mm x 20 mm, which was practically impossible to miss. Of course, it has not yet been integrated into a mobile phone, but Qualcomm says it will be included in devices that are expected to be released before the end of 2021.

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