4 things Google wants to know about the change from Google Photos

4 things Google wants to know about the change from Google Photos

Google released four things you need to know a moment before the policy change next week. In the menu: a new tool, an explanation of what will be considered in storage and what is not, and a small change in names

Half a year after the move was announced Which will fill your Google Photos storage very quickly, And just before it took effect, Google began explaining to users what would happen if the changes were to take effect.

Everything Google wants to know before you make a change

We have been preparing for Google Photos Judgment Day for half a year. And we have passed Possible options in the cloud, NAS option – and even organize for you A guide to cleaning up your Google services to save the need to pay to increase your storage volume.

Now google publishes Post Under the title “4 things to know about changes to Google Photos policy”. The first thing Google insists on is the subject of images in “high quality” – images that were not considered to be in your storage quota until now and will start being counted from June 1.

According to Google, all “high quality” images you keep until June 1 will not count towards your storage quota – which is based on 15 GB. In other words, you will not see a sudden jump in the percentage of your occupancy in a Google account, the status quo will remain – only images of this quality will start counting from now on.

Another point made clear by Google is that its system will generate a personal estimate for you that the amount of storage you have should be sufficient for you based on your platform usage. Google estimates that more than 80% of users will be able to store photos for the next 3 years without removing payment instruments and start paying to increase storage. It is of course provided that you continue to use “high quality” storage, not the storage of images in original quality – which does not include compression. In addition, the system will notify users as they reach the 15GB limit, so you’ll know if you need to clear some images or consider increasing the volume.

In addition, Google has announced a new tool that will allow you to better manage your cloud storage and possibly lose some extra weight. The new tool will show you all the blurry photos and videos you’ve taken, as well as old screenshots and heavy videos – so you can delete them and make room for new photos.

Another innovation seems to be meaningful, but only directly. Starting June 1, Google will stop using the washed-out name of “high quality” images – and henceforth compressed images will be called “space savers”. This way users will not be under the illusion of “high quality”. Google probably already knows that you belong to them, so they should not sell you any more laundry settings.

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