5 clever ideas you can do with an old cell phone

5 clever ideas you can do with an old cell phone

We have got used to working from home and homeschooling. Here’s what’s important: Video conference must have accurate picture and sound. Mobile phones can also be converted into webcams if you don’t have a webcam or if the notebook camera provides poor quality.

with tools manycam You can turn Android phones and iPhones into webcams. You need to have the ManyCam desktop version installed on your computer and the ManyCam app on your smartphone. Sign up for a ManyCam user account and log in to both devices with the same account.

You can then add a “mobile app” to ManyCam on the Windows desktop under “Video Sources”. Select your cell phone and allow the connection. You’ll need to turn off access to the app again, then you’ll see the image of your mobile phone camera in the ManyCam window on the desktop You can now feed a new video source to Skype, Teams & Co. To do this, set “ManyCam Virtual Webcam” as the camera in the device settings.

The free ManyCam version displays a watermark and does not allow more than two video sources. If you want more, you have to buy a paid package.

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