5 little-known tips on Twitter that will lighten up your daily life

5 little-known tips on Twitter that will lighten up your daily life

Twitter offers a few options that you may not be familiar with. With them, using social networks can become more enjoyable.

Twitter Offers your community a range of parameters and options to personalize your experience. However, there are some characteristics that are worth noting, as they are likely to change your perspective. You may already know them: but for others, these five tips could be a game-changer.

Favorite Tweets Wisely

You are surely familiar with the heart-shaped pictogram, which allows you to show your appreciation for a tweet. Internet users also use it as a tool to manage favorites. Only we can see who likes what. It is posted publicly. However, there is another tool on Twitter that has been hacked for this task. These are bookmarks. we will explain everything here,

twitter bookmark
We really liked the joke about Minesweeper Smurf.

Disable acknowledgment in private messages

Private messages allow you to exchange messages with other people. But maybe you just want to read the contents of a message without telling the other person that you saw it and when. This indicator can be disabled : Go to your private messages, click the cogwheel and uncheck “Show acknowledgment”.

If you delay answering, your correspondent may end up asking questions.

Hide keywords to avoid spoilers

Twitter has been providing a utility for several years that allows you to hide keywords that you might find inappropriate. But this tool may also have another interest: if you like a series or movie and you dread the instance of spoilers, Filtering out multiple words can save the day, Don’t hesitate to cast a wide net to reduce your risk as much as possible.

Hide People Without Unsubscribing (And Without Annoying Them)

The purpose of Twitter is to follow other people to see what they are saying. Of course you can unsubscribe at any time. But withdrawing some accounts can be complicated. For example, imagine you wanted to sack your boss because he published too much… Politically, this could go badly. The trick is to hide your tweets. we tell you how to do it,

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This is just for illustrative purposes, it goes without saying that I re-displayed everything afterwards. Sure.

Remove someone who follows you without blocking them

You probably know that you can block people on Twitter. There’s also a slightly less drastic approach, which is to simply remove from the list of accounts that follow you that you think should no longer see your messages. This option is especially interesting if you use an account whose Tweets are protected. method is detailed here,

So, same thing: it’s really just for illustrative purposes, nothing more.

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