5 new updates coming soon on WhatsApp!

5 new updates coming soon on WhatsApp!
WhatsApp, the best instant messaging service, usually releases unique updates from time to time. It releases countless updates to its crores of users with the aim of using WhatsApp innovatively all the time. There will be some important updates on WhatsApp in that regard in a few more days. We need to know about 5 new features in them. Let’s see what they are.

WhatsApp Ads:

Holders of WhatsApp Business account can easily create ads on WhatsApp to attract new customers. These ads will reach new customers through Facebook. iPhone users with iOS version and Android version users can use its beta WhatsApp. To create ads in WhatsApp Business, all you have to do is go to Facebook Ads Settings.

Except WhatsApp My Contacts:

This update will be very helpful for iPhone users. WhatsApp has added this ‘Accept My Contacts’ option to protect the privacy of its users. Important information such as when you last used it, details about yourself, and who should see your photos can no longer be seen by outsiders. This new update will help you in this.

Emoji & Stickers:

Now you can use the latest emoji and stickers on WhatsApp. You can get this feature by updating to the beta version. It runs on Android version. You can change the background of the image you are editing and add your favorite sticker or emoji.

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WhatsApp Community:

WhatsApp Community is being launched to take the WhatsApp Groups app to the next level. This will make it easier for its administrators to handle small groups of people from a particular community. To use it, you can select the “Community Invitation Link” option. This update is coming for both Android and iPhone.

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Works on multiple devices:

A few weeks ago, WhatsApp introduced a new update that allows WhatsApp to be used on multiple devices. However, the WhatsApp team has said in its blog that it will remove it in an upcoming update. This beta version only works for certain iPhone users. WhatsApp says that this feature will soon be available to many more users.

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