5G turning users away from Wi-Fi

5G turning users away from Wi-Fi

The number of fifth-generation Wi-Fi users is moving away from Wi-Fi, increasing day by day. Reason – Expect quicker access to more modern services based on new developments. The same trend was recorded according to the results of the latest research from Ericsson ConsumerLab.

According to the survey’s authors, every fifth defendant became less likely (or completely turned off) to connect to Wi-Fi.

About 70% of the respondents expect to receive previously unknown services based on 5G.

5G users are deleting Wi-Fi

It is noted that owners of devices that support fifth-generation technologies prefer to “stick” to cloud games and actively use AR applications.

Almost all 5G device owners are willing to pay more to use the 5G mobile network and expect to receive relevant offers from providers in the future.

The complete ConsumerLab report broken down by country and region is available here. https://www.ericsson.com/49944f/assets/local/reports-papers/consumerlab/reports/2021/five-ways-to-a-better-5g-report.pdf (Document language – English).

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