6.2 GHz below room temperature: Core i9-13900K with TEC Cooler

6.2 GHz below room temperature: Core i9-13900K with TEC Cooler

The fact that Raptor Lake processors scale fairly well with low temperatures is not a result of the new The world record of the watch was shown, Roman Hartung aka der8auer now has EK-Quantum Delta² TEC Cooler What’s possible here in conjunction with the Core i9-13900K is snapped up and tried. The target was 6 GHz on all cores, but the end result should be even better.

A TEC cooler is a thermoelectric cooler that uses a Peltier element, which in turn is cooled using a water cooling circuit. The EK-quantum delta² TEC should be able to dissipate up to 210 W. A Core i9-13900K consumes more than these 210 W under Intel’s reference requirements and yet gaming performance and particularly related performance measurements show that Processors can be efficient and faster too,

The cooler with its own temperature controls so that it doesn’t drop below the dew point is one thing, the associated Intel cryo cooling technology is another, and Roman also had some problems here, as so far the relevant software is only available for Elder Lake processors. Friendly to the core generation – 12th generation. A second system could help here, and a trick had to be used to query the speedometer signal for the pump and fan. more on that roman video,

In the end, the results spoke for themselves. The Core i9-13900K was capable of running at 6.2 GHz and kept temperatures at 45 C or lower. It even had a positive effect in some games, according to benchmarks collected by Roman.

Roman did not elaborate on the waste heat generated in his video. Given the ever-increasing electricity prices, such cooling solutions are certainly a cost factor for continuous operation as well – although there is an operating mode in which the cooling keeps the temperature at a certain level without continuously requesting full cooling capacity. . within us Reviews of Cooler Master Master Liquid ML360 Sub-Zero We addressed this as well.

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Continuous operation is another point that played less of a role in current testing with the Core i9-13900K. There is a rubber sleeve at the bottom of the cooler, to protect the cool cold surface from moist ambient air. However, how long this seal also provides effective protection is another matter.

Now Intel must first add support for cryo cooling technology. Then there is also the purchase of EK-Quantum Delta² TEC D-RGB – Full Nickel. It costs 529.90 Euros, The second generation exerts a much more mature influence with its external controls, which are no longer located on the cooler itself.

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