7 Lockscreen Widget Apps for iOS

7 Lockscreen Widget Apps for iOS

With iOS 16, Apple has made further improvements to its mobile operating system. While the changes this year are far from earth-shattering, there are some small adjustmentsWhich make everyday iOS life more enjoyable.

Haptic Keyboard Feedback or a completely refurbished keyboard home app are among these changes. But the most important thing is that new home screen,

Not only can the clock display and font color be adjusted, for the first time we can also Widget Save to home screen. Some apps have already implemented the new feature for the release.

we present you Widget Apps before this:

  • Carrot Season: iOS
  • Apollo: iOS
  • Water Minder: iOS
  • Todoist: iOS
  • Gentleman Streak: iOS
  • flight: iOS
  • Home Widgets: iOS

carrot season

While the preinstalled weather app already offers its own widgets, thankfully both are in content. data source as well as subject tone of voice alternative. The Carrot Weather app has made a name for itself over the years.

The application is known for its coarse jokes and insults, as well as presenting the weather to us. If we are only interested in the raw weather data, these can be displayed in a small widget format.

If we also want to joke at each other on the lock screen, then it’s a big deal. “snark” tileWhich gives us crime and weather.

Carrot season is free iOS Available. A subscription of €2.49 per month is required to fully use the app.


Who? reddit iOS uses and owns the device, there is no escape from Apollo. Unlike the extremely vulnerable Reddit app, Apollo can lots of featuresA clear interface and free from advertising.

Developer Christian Selig is also known to work continuously on further development of the app and therefore has lockscreen widgets ready for the start of iOS 16. We can do it current top position Pop up on Reddit or drop a shortcut to our favorite subreddit.

Stand reddit karma in the foreground for us, but we can also monitor the development of our most recent post or comment. If you exchange a lot via private messages, you can display the number of inboxes and, as a little gimmick, we can even see how many meters or kilometers we already scrolled in Apollo. have done.

apollo is free iOS Available.

water minder

For a healthy lifestyle, ie liquid supply, preferably straight as water, is essential. However, many people are not paying attention to their daily water intake, leading to potential health problems.

While for some a large bottle at the desk is enough to be a regular hydrogenation To think, others need active reminders. Water Minder takes care of this problem properly. The app not only calculates the approximate amount we need.

It also helps us with the basics tracking the amount of water, In the lock screen we can display at any time how much water is still missing from the calculated daily value or whether we have already added more that is absolutely necessary.

water minder is free iOS Available. A subscription of €2.49 per month is required to fully use the app.

to-do list

If you want to stay on top of your daily schedule or just need regular reminders, you can feel right at home with Todoist. The app is one of the most popular to-do apps and attacks us in things planning and remembering Always under your arms.

Todoist allows you to structure all tasks, reminders and notes so that you can always keep track of what’s most important. In order not to lose sight, various Folders and Subfolders Create to separate the professional from the private.

Within related folders, you can then subdivide them into further folders as well. To always be in the picture on the lock screen, Todoist has something new for iOS 16 debut Widget Function implemented. This allows us to see the next Tasks or Personal Work Folders directly on the lock screen.

If it is to be done quickly, we can also be sent to task creation directly through the widget. We can also keep our productivity statistics in a separate widget on the lock screen.

Todoist is free iOS Available. A subscription of €4.99 per month is required to fully use the app.

gentleman streak

The gentler streak is all about our fitness. The workout app sees itself as full coach, Which helps us to build and maintain our fitness level. The gentler streak is doing our present body data and habits To find the right balance between increasing and maintaining performance motivation level to find.

The app not only tells us how and what we should train and it also saves us from overdoing it. of running, biking and strength training Everything we make available to the app is recorded.

With Gentle Streak’s New Widget, We Can Do Ours Better focus on fitness in order to maintain. Based on our workout and training plan, the widget shows us whether we are in the optimal range, need to do a little more or even overshoot the target.

Gentle Streak is free for iOS Available. A subscription of €7.99 per month is required to fully use the app.


Whether we ourselves or our loved ones travel frequently, information about flights want to keep in mind. Flighty is fully committed to the region and sends us all information about one or more selected flights.

To store a flight that’s interesting to us, we don’t need more than the flight number or date of travel. Once a flight is saved, the app collects all the information about it. travel date, boarding time, Any delay or change in gate and course of flight may also be called.

With the newly integrated lockscreen widget, we also collect the most important information about the next flight on the lock screen. for days departure, departure time, gate or about seat We see this directly on the lock screen. Then any changes will always be sent to us via push. They also appear in the widget.

free to fly iOS Available. A subscription of €6.49 per month is required to fully use the app.

home widget

With iOS 16, Apple Doesn’t Just Focus on Widgets, Too smart home Upgraded properly. In one of the next updates, the long-awaited one will also come case support Come on, which aims to prevent the mess of equipment with a variety of radio standards.

who already home app Well loaded and use it to control and monitor lamps, sensors and other devices, you can take advantage of the functions of the Home widget. The app specializes in merging the various widget functions of Home and iOS and with the release of version 16, also offers a lockscreen widget.

the status of sensor, about garages, doors or temperatures, See. But groups of lamps or entire rooms can also be stored in order to be able to control them with quick access.

Home Widget is free for iOS Available. A subscription of EUR 0.49 per month is required to fully use the app.

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