8 Essential Apps for a Freelancer

8 Essential Apps for a Freelancer

If you are self-employed, these apps are mandatory on your mobile.

The work of self-employed workers has special characteristics that Makes them into permanent connections. Therefore, surrounding yourself with the best applications and having them at your disposal leads to greater efficiency. If you are self-employed, this set of 8 applications is very useful so that you can do your work more comfortably. Although in this portal Your favorite in the Android world, We always focus on the applications of this operating system, we leave the download links of them all for iOS as well.

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8 Apps Any Freelancer Must Use

GasAll: Gas Station Spain

For those self-employed who are traveling constantly, there is nothing better than knowing which gas stations offer more adjusted prices. Getting Good Savings Is One Thing Find out where they are located. This application also traces the route so that you can reach that service station very fast. If you’re traveling or doing business, the monthly savings of finding a cheap gas station can be well worth it. By the way, what about the ban on mobile phone use at gas stations? Clear your doubts through this article.

direct bill

It’s normal for a freelancer to make an invoice in front of your computer when you get home or the office. However, there are situations where being able to bill from your mobile phone is a must. To do this, we invite you to get to know this application, with which you can do the same things that you do from your computer, but from your mobile phone. Invoices with full validity and professional appearance that you can send instantly via WhatsApp or Email. it’s worth seeing.

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whatsapp business

WhatsApp Business offers advanced features as compared to the standard application.

It is always advisable to have a separate telephone line from your personal line for your work functions. golden opportunity to meet whatsapp business, a completely free application that allows you to interact with your customers in a very comfortable way. for example, You can give detailed information in this application of your services and your schedule. Plus its interface is very clear both for them and for you and you will have no problem using it. Give your activity a different point if you haven’t already.


Surely you are already used to it, but there are people who still oppose it. BIZAM is an application for sending and receiving payments from your bank, It currently supports 32 Spanish financial institutions. The shipment is completely free and instant, without waiting for bank transfers when done from one unit to another. For a freelancer this can be very interesting, as you can pay in some stores and get your invoices paid by your clients without any problems. You should not worry about security, this application meets very high standards. In this case we do not put a download link, as you have to use it in an integrated way in your online banking application. That is, the bizm application does not exist, Although they are already on it. All you need is a mobile phone number and start enjoying it.

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All you need to do is apply and register with [email protected] To be able to have your driving license and all your vehicle documents in your mobile phone. But there’s more to it, like Request a vehicle report, pay a fine, identify the driver who was driving your car, notify a normal driver or buy the required fee, So you can have your portfolio free from one document, feel free to start using it and thus be able to take advantage of all the services it has to offer you. Yes, with full legal validity.

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Tax agency is one such organization which is known for self-employment. Being able to perform certain procedures from a mobile phone always saves time. The application is quite intuitive and friendly, so there is no problem in setting it up and being able to access all the services it has to offer you. During the income tax declaration period, you can book an appointment directly from your mobile phone.


This is one of the favorite GPS for those who are constantly behind the wheel. Also its operation is perfect, Since this is a collaborative application, you can be constantly informed about incidents on the mobile radar or on the road. One of its most outstanding functions is to provide you with an alternate route if the traffic is very high. To carry out its good work, the interface is very friendly. You’ll be surprised at what I can do for you, how well it guides you and how easy it is to use. It has a different point of view from other similar points, so it is always an incentive to use it.

social Security

In the same way, Social Security is always the meeting point for all self-employed people. With its application you can get certificates, make inquiries or get an appointment at any office. Simple tasks like getting a work life is one of the options available to you. As with any application that relies on the general administration of the state, you must have already registered [email protected]

all these appsThey can give your activity the much needed boost. Best of all, most of the apps are all free, which is a much-needed help for the struggling pocketbook of employed workers.

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