A new faith for brothers Sile and Nutu Camataru. Another 25 thugs were hanged in their case

  A new faith for brothers Sile and Nutu Camataru.  Another 25 thugs were hanged in their case

Brothers Eoin Balint called “Nutu Kemataru” and Vasil Balint called “Sil Camtaru” were sentenced to five years and five months in prison by the Bucharest Court of Appeal on Friday, with seven years in prison respectively.

In addition, Radu Cristian Rosca, referred to as “Rosca”, received a 12-year prison sentence, and Eugène Prada was sentenced to 12 years and 9 months following the merger of the sentence received in other cases. The two “Athletes” are clan leaders.

Other thugs involved in the case were sentenced to death: Adrian Lucian Preda (brother of Eugène Preda) – 9 years and 6 months, Stoica Alexandru Ionut – 12 years, Andrei Cristian Badula – 10 years 6 months, Eoin Gorghe Ramiro – 9 years And 6 months, Mircea Emil Balut – 9 years and 6 months, Gabriel Robert Busa – 8 years, Nikusar Dumitrescu – 8 years and 6 months, Marian Sirbu – 5 years, Gigi Daniels Chias – 6 years, Vasile Alexandru Razvan – 8 years year , Adrian Reduca Becca – 7 years and 6 months, Ion Donut – 8 years and 2 months, Remus Petrica Dinka – 4 years, Nicolas Vito Nicula – 4 years, Lelu Floria – 5 years in prison, Cornell Schuster – 3 years and 9 months , Dinu Alexandru – 5 years, Florian Dragomir – 4 years and 6 months, Caitlin Ion Perplea – one year and 10 months, Emil Gabriel Iorde – 3 years and 9 months, Fardeen Amate – 4 years in prison, Emmet Ridivan – 6 years and 8 months Monday, Emmet Metin – one year and 10 months.

Other thugs received suspended punishment: Nutu Mario Balint (son of Sil Camateru) – 3 years, Ion Mihai Toncieu – 3 years, Petre Robert Florian – 3 years, Robert Dan Costandache – 2 years and eight months, Dragos Florin Brosthenu – one year And 3 months, Geanina Narcisa Barbu – 2 years, Costel Valentin Danciu – 8 months, Constantin Franguli – 8 months, Cosmin Within – 8 months, Marion Buchur – one year and 5 months, Christian Stoyan – one year and 10 months, Ionut Viral Todor – One year and 10 months, Kairani Amate – One year and 2 months, Amet Amet Rezep – 3 years, Gabriel Gheorghe Boruga – 3 years, Daniel Puiu Stanchu – One year and 8 months, Razvan Mihai Breslasu – One year, Gorghe Gricomu – one year.

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In addition, criminal prosecutions were acquitted or stayed in the case of Luiza Gabriella Dragne, Dragos Pandelle, Eugène Pirvan, Daniel Giuliel, Constant Amet.

The decision is not final and can be appealed.

Brothers Eoin Balint are called “Nootu Camtaru” and Vasil Balint is called “Sil Camtaru”, as well as Radu Cristian Rosca, the leader of the “Sportsman” clan, “Rosca”, along with 51 other thieves in July 2013. Was sent in, crimes of violence.

At the time, DIICOT prosecutors destroyed two of the most important criminal groups established in Bucharest and Ilfow County.

Organized criminal groups, known as “moneylenders” and “athletes”, were specialized in crimes of violence – blackmail, usury, attempted murder and especially serious murder, resentment against morality and public order and peace. Dissolve, insult weapons and ammunition regimes, use of lethal weapons without authority.

According to investigators, the activity of the group members occurred at two criminal levels. Thus, in the period 2008 – 2012, members of two rival groups struggled to open fire in a public space, in which firearms were used to ensure criminal level domination in Bucharest, situations in which direct consequences Was put in the form. Endangering the lives and physical integrity of many people.


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